To answer that question, not only are physical cards still a thing, they are actually a much better thing than they ever were. Whether you want to send Christmas cards, birthday cards, romantic cards, get well cards, or any other kind of custom holiday cards, you can do it online and get the best of both worlds.We teamed up with the card experts at Best Invite so we could explain the whole concept of ordering cards online a bit better:

Physical Cards Are Much More Customizable Than Ever:

Gone are the days of going to the corner store and selecting an appropriate card from a measly few specimens. Even the best decked-out store from back in the day that was fully dedicated to only selling cards couldn’t possibly even come close to the kind of offerings that we have now. Best Invite, for example, offers a whopping 180 different color options not just per card but PER ELEMENT on the card, and if that weren’t enough, multiply that by 40 different envelope colors and 400 different card designs, all with customizable text, etc. and you are beginning to see what we are talking about.

Physical Cards Show You Care:

Let’s be straight here; a lot of people these days are lazy and just send emails, but emails will never have the personal touch that physical cards will. Just as an example, you can’t order a foil email! Basic Invite, on the other hand, offers foil cards in gold, silver and rose gold, all in flat or raised foil for all their foil designs.

Bottom line: sending an email is regular, run-of-the-mill, and screams business as usual. Sending a physical card shows that you’ve gone to further lengths, and shows that you care in a special way. It’s just a classy thing to do, especially in this day and age where true class is often a shrinking or dying commodity.

Physical Cards Are Convenient:

Basic Invite offers you custom samples of what they will be later getting in bulk, so they can see exactly how the cards will appear to the end recipients beforehand and make last-minute changes if necessary. There is also an address capturing services which easily grabs and stores addresses from links on social media.

So, having mentioned all of the above, we hope you’ll see why it’s a good idea for you to upgrade your card game this holiday season and do things at a much higher level. Make your Christmas card list a list people actually are happy they are on, like it was back in the day.


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