There is no doubt and no way to hide it: beards are definitely (still) very much in these days. And even if they go back out of style, there are some people who are always going to look better with a nice full beard than otherwise.

But it’s important that it not be a “drunken sailor” type of unkempt beard: these are a royal turn off for the ladies (or men as the case may be), and also can even become a potential new job killer! So we want to keep things under control in the grooming department.

DIY Beards:

It is entirely possible to be a DYI guy with your beard, especially if you get the right tools. Those of you who are maybe unemployed or for some other reason have tons of time on their hands can master the time-honored technique of a straight razor, but if you want 99.9% of the results in about 10% of the time spent, just get one of the best electric shavers you can get your hands on and do it.

You will also need a good sturdy pair of barbers’ scissors and some adjustable clippers to do the job right. The initial investment is cheap compared to repeated visits to a beard industry professional, however, not to mention your time and transportation costs to and from the shop to get it done.

Argument For A Professional:

Of course, there is a strong argument as well for sacrificing the time and money to go to a profesional to get yourself groomed. No matter how good a job you do of grooming yourself, a professional can almost certainly improve on it. Their knowledge and expertise will almost always shine through and make paying for their services worth it. Of course, this can get expensive so:

The Hybrid Approach:

One very viable strategy is simply to mix and match doing it yourself with going to the appropriate professional at the appropriate time. You could keep doing it yourself and then go once or twice a month for maintenance. Also, maybe include a little extra in the grooming budget to get yourself done up in style before super clutch job interviews or important personal events and situations, like that first date with your dream girl or that super nice wedding of your best friend etc. This is a best of both worlds scenario that is highly recommended for most or all of us.