Throughout history, the United Kingdom has been a major influence on Europe and the rest of the world. During the time of the industrial revolution, England was considered the epicenter of modern human civilization and the most industrialized country in the world. Its capital, London was known the be the center of the human society, with no other city matching its financial power. When it comes to its tourist destination, the UK has no shortage of places to experience, especially considering the country’s impressive history, from the Roman Empire to this day, the UK landscape is filled with gorgeous historical landmarks and almost 2 millennia-old cities such as London and York. A trip to England is a must for everybody to visit during their lifetime.

Bristol – Harbor Festival and the Museum of Art

The first recommendation would be Bristol. Summer is a perfect time to visit Bristol due to it’s the time of weekend Harbor Festival. It is one of the largest public festivals in the UK and people have the opportunity to enjoy dancing and great music. An entire weekend of non-stop fun experiences will be the best way for people to introduce themselves to Bristol. 

Because the country has many an impressive history, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery should be another stop during your time in the city. The museum is home to Egyptian mummies and some of the best-preserved dinosaurs.

London – Parkland Walk, Hippodrome Casino and The Eye of London

A healthy walk through the Parkland Walk is perfect when looking for some peaceful time when traveling. During summer, the park transforms into a fairytale land and it is a great place to relax for a few hours away from the city center. 

A stop should be at The Hippodrome Casino, is one of the oldest buildings in London and best-known casinos in London. The casino is very well known because of its unique interior, as the casino was first a place where man events were being held during its lifetime, such as horse racing. The casino is home to many table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack, as well as many varieties of slots to play.

Lastly, there is the Eye of London. An important landmark and at the top there is the best view of the city that one could have. The Eye can capture every visitor’s imagination and its location will offer a great view of the nearby Big Ben.

Edinburgh – Edinburgh Castle and Genting Club

The Edinburgh Castle is an impressive structure dominating the city skyline. People interested in Scottish history will be impressed with the large collection of artifacts inside the castle, such as weapons and clothing.

Genting Casino Fountain Park is a great place to enjoy your evening with some table games. The casino is very active and is known for hosting fantastic poker tournaments for people to participate in. The establishment offers many of the popular games that can also be found on many online casino websites. The reason why the Genting Casino Fountain Park should be on your travel list is the Fahrenheit Restaurant, which offers a free-course-meal while at the same time enjoying the casino games.

Many business people think they can use social media, search engines and websites to replace the magic tool of business cards. But that is far from the truth. No matter how social media and search engines have transformed the business and communication landscape, business cards still matter!

As a small business owner or corporate professional, you cannot afford to take business cards out of your marketing matrix. You have to understand the role of business cards and how important it is to your success. You also have to ensure that you get the best design possible for your business cards.  

A crappy looking business card is not going to earn you any point. And this why you have to be adamant about the design as well as the text you put on your business card. Whether you are looking for handyman business cards or travel agent business cards, you want the best design possible that projects success and professionalism.

While many people think the internet era has killed business cards that is rather contrary to fact. It has rather created new uses of business cards. Today, you can have your business cards either in a digital form or in print. Your business can be shared and distributed to many people to help you build your network.

If you think business cards are dead, rethink your option. The following are reasons why business cards are still not dead and useful for business growth:

  1.    Networking Tool

Networking is one of the primary ways to connect with people, know them and build new relationships. Some of these people can end up being customers, partners or even investors. Whether it is an event, a party or social gathering, you want to make sure you are ready with your business card. Your business card will enable you to professionally connect with people and build rapport.

  1.    Great First Impression

We live in an age where people have a short attention span. When you meet a new potential client or investor, it is important you get prepared with your elevator speech and business card. You need to quickly let them know what you do and what you stand for. But because there are a lot of things on people’s mind, just talking is not enough, you’ll need to give them your professionally designed business card.

  1.    Easy and Effective Marketing Tool

Your business card is not just a card with your contact details on it. It’s an important marketing tool for your business. Sometimes people might not have their phone or a pen at hand. Your business card will serve as a medium to market, promote and showcase your business.

The design and outlook of your business card will tell a potential customer that you are serious and committed to what you stand for. With a few words and your business card, you can end up getting new clients, closing deals and improving your bottom line.

Designing a business card be a lot of hassle. That is why top-notch firms like Basic Invite makes it easy to get a new, custom business card for your business with almost unlimited colors, custom samples and address capturing service. Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. If you are looking for foil cards, they are available in gold, silver and rose gold. You can choose either flat or raised foil cards on all business card designs.