When it comes to hair implant, you would surely look for the best site that would offer you a guarantee that the procedure will be a complete success, and this is the reason why in Turkey this type of transplant has become fashionable.

Every month many people travel to this country to find a definitive solution to the problem of baldness. Just take a brief look on the internet, so you can realize the huge competition of clinical centers in Turkey that seek to attract new consumers, promising to be the best in their area.

So, the question is, what is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Look for a true reference in this market. For example, the surgery must be carried out in a hospital that complies with the international standards, in this case a hospital accredited by the JCI.

And the good thing about flying to Turkey is that the country offers the ultimate solution for hair loss, by only paying an average of € 2000, a whole bargain if we compare it with the prices in European countries, such as England and Spain.

Compare information online

In Turkey you can find accredited healthcare chains with international recognition. There are health companies that offer you one of the best services in the world, a good reason to travel to this country.

If you are seeking the assistance of the most advanced professionals, in addition to having clinic installations, these healthcare companies in Turkey will get everything you are looking for. The worldwide leaders in hair transplant could offer you all the guarantees, you are provided with a written warranty of the transplant.

Furthermore, you will be assisted by a medical team, and renowned doctors who are an important reference in the world of implants, transplants and hair grafts in Turkey.

You will be welcomed in a 5-star hotel and the package includes the transfer to the airport, hotel and the clinic. In addition to this, all the meals are included and all the medications during the postoperative process.

You need more reasons to trust?

As soon as you arrived to your country, you will also enjoy a follow-up of the whole process carried out in the best hair transplant clinic in turkey.

You have a team of the best medical professionals, as we mentioned who have made numerous grafts of hair to patients all over the world.

You can count with the assistance of an English translator. The translator that will be with you from the moment you step on the hospital, so that communication would not be a problem.

The interventions are made in an accredited hospital. This accreditation guarantees a good quality service.

You will have the benefit of an intervention with the most advanced techniques, apart from having a qualified team of professionals. The technique´s name FUE Zafiro is considered the most important worldwide for grafts and hair implants.

The payment can be done comfortably with your credit card. It is necessary the use of cash for the transactions.

How can you choose the best option for hair transplant?

Remember that it is an operation of cosmetic surgery from which optimal results are expected for a lifetime. If your only goal is to find the most economical company to perform the hair transplant that decision, in the long term, can be expensive.

A hair transplant in Turkey for less than € 2000 gives a lot to think about, because it does not offer the necessary guarantees.

In addition, if they offer you the plane ticket included in the package, we strongly suggest you to avoid it, since it is from travel agencies whose main goal is to sell an airline ticket.

There are companies that offer the service of translators during the previous interview with the doctor, but are not present during the intervention. It is rather important that the translator is always available during the hair transplant and stay with you in all the process.

Finally, the online company must have a trusted seal that accredits fair and transparent business practices. This is something that you can consult online. So you have the opportunity to hire the services of one of the most important healthcare chains in the world.

When you are looking to take on the challenge of the Camino de Santiago, the Camino Portugues or Portuguese Way is an excellent choice for those wishing to grow spiritually and take on the physical challenge of the pilgrimage against a stunning rural backdrop.

There are many camino routes to choose from on the Camino de Santiago and all will deliver an experience you will never forget. The Camino Portugues is one of those routes and offers travellers the essence of the pilgrimage, with a wide range of landscapes and scenery and the chance to try amazing new local gastronomy along the way.

Completing this route will leave you with a sense of fresh perspective on the world, and break from the rat race and an opportunity to truly reflect and experience new things.

Start your journey in the amazing city of Lisbon

Lisbon is already on the bucket list for many in it’s own right, as one of the the stunning great capitals of Europe. Beautiful architecture lines cobbled streets and the influence of trade through the years due to its location where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic Ocean, is easy to see. It is for good reason it is nicknamed the ‘City of Light’.

It is also the start point for the Camino Portugues, and while you are there it is highly recommended to visit the quaint squares and the castle of São Jorge or the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Jerónimos Monastery and the Belém Tower.

Planning the stages of the journey is key to a successful journey

When planning your journey you will need to make sure that you have considered how far you will walk each day when leaving Lisbon, where you will stop for both food and overnight, and the practicalities of moving luggage from one stop to the next.

This is why many people turn to santiagoways, local regional experts in the Camino de Santiago that are familiar with each stage, have direct long standing relationships with the guest houses along the way, and intimate knowledge of the best places to try local cuisine. They can even offer support in provision of a 24 hour helpline, transfer of luggage and of course help with any language barriers in the booking process. You can build the exact itinerary for you and your group.

A route that takes you through beautiful rural landscapes

This route is fantastic for both the landscape and the historical towns and villages along the way. For example the stunning Arab city of Santarém, or Coimbra, home to another UNESCO World Heritage Site the University – one of the oldest universities in the world.

The route also travels through Porto, the birthplace of Port wine before crossing the border in Galicia, Spain. You go from impressive Atlantic coastlines to green rolling hills and fairytale forests, passing through rural villages. Stop to see the many baroque churches and other historic architecture.

Crossing into Spain you will need to cross the famous International Bridge across the Miño River. It forms the start of the final leg of the Camino de Santiago, passing through forests and traditional farmlands arriving at the Galician coastal city of Arcade, famous for its famous annual oyster festival.

A great achievement when you arrive at your final destination

When you finally reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the feeling can be euphoric. You will have challenged yourself in every way possible, and you can deserve to feel a sense of achievement in that.

You will be able to take part in the Pilgrim’s Mass at the Cathedral, and those pilgrims who receive the compostela the day before can have their countries of origin and start point announced during the mass. You will also be able to receive the ‘Compostela’ as proof of your great journey. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get planning your trip and do a little soul searching along the way.