If there’s one subject that is full of misinformation and even disinformation (misinformation on purpose) all over the internet, it has to be nutrition, hands down. And people argue back and forth about it all the time. It can even be a very emotionally charged issue.

It’s important to remember that each one of us is almost like a little universe, and a great diet for one person may be actually dangerous for the next person! But, having said that, there are quite a few major truths about nutrition and eating that still stand:

-Your body needs some fat in the diet. The amount may vary a lot based on your body’s ability to process it, this is true, but cutting too much of the fat out of your diet can be very bad for you. Fat is necessary for proper brain function among other things.

-The fats that should be avoided at all costs are trans fats. People often think they are healthy, because they come from plant sources, but the problem is that these plant sources are then subject to very unnatural processes to get the fats out of them. Trans fats are found in processed food all the time, and many of the cheaper cooking oils are also based on trans fats.

-Carbohydrates are present in fruits and vegetables too, not just in starchy foods and baked goods. They are also highly present in beans, legumes, and to a certain extent in some nuts. Even seafood can have significant carbohydrate content! This is another one where some people (especially professional athletes, dancers etc.) can get away with eating (or maybe need to eat even) amounts of carbs that would be excessive for the rest of us.

-Vitamins and minerals are very important for health, and they are the main reason you should avoid processed foods and eat as naturally as possible. Processed foods tend to be woefully deficient in these micronutrients. In general the more “natural” the food, the higher its micronutrient content is. This is the main reason why grass-fed beef is far superior to factory beef, and fresh organic vegetables in season are more nutritious than a bag of frozen veg from the supermarket, for example.

-For more info, try taking this quiz and see how you did. It gets a little more detailed. You may be surprised at how much you thought you knew and weren’t quite spot on.


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