Whether you are living in a small space with no closet or you just need some ideas for storing your ample wardrobe in a space other than a closet, thinking outside the box for clothing storage has many benefits. When you are able to store your very favorite clothes (ours are from Cotton On) in a way that makes them easily accessible and easy to see, you’re sure to get more use out of them. 

Here are our top three ways to store clothes without a closet:

1)      Dressing Table: Many homes that lack a closet have a wall that a dressing table can be placed on. Dressing tables have drawers that allow everything to be stored at your fingertips. Casual clothes like pullovers, trackies, and jeans can be folded and stored in a dressing table. It’s also the perfect place to store socks and undergarments. Anything that can be folded can be stored in a dressing table.

2)      Curtain Rod: Anything that can’t be folded and needs to be hung can go on a curtain rod. There are amazing options for placing a curtain rod in any space in the room without hanging it in the window. The curtain rod can be hung between two bookshelves as supports. The curtain rod can be modified and hung from the wall to stand away from the wall to accommodate hangers. Dressier clothes like dresses, suits, and jackets are best stored this way. Anything that you must keep wrinkle free is best stored this way.

3)      Under-Bed Storage: Maybe you live in a tiny space and just do not have the wall space or the floor space for a dressing table. Under-bed storage can be a great solution for your space. This system could vary from flat bins that have lids and slide under the bed to custom bins made just the right size for sliding under the bed. A custom bin seems to work best when it’s on wheels, so if that’s the route you choose to go, make sure you leave room for casters on the bins. It makes them easy to pull in and out from under your bed, keeping your clothes easy to access.

These are some of our top ways to store clothes when you don’t have a closet available to you. Tell us – do you live in a space without a closet? How do you store your clothes?


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