Going on vacation is something to look forward to but packing for it isn’t.  The constant balance of what you need versus what you are allowed is something we all struggle with.  Key to this is having the right suitcase – but how do you choose from the many available to ensure you get the right ones?

Suitcase size

The biggest problem any traveler encounters is the size and weight of their suitcase.  Get it wrong and it can cost you quite a serious amount of money!  Your airline should provide clear information about how much luggage you can take and what the weight should be to avoid those extra charges.

Unfortunately, there are no standard measurements as to what counts as a medium or large suitcase.  Then carry-on luggage is a separate area, again with its own measurements from each airline.  Make sure you have all this information before you buy and choose from a website that provides plenty of information about the dimensions of the case.

Suitcase basics

If you visit a site such as Lyst, you can see a huge range of different styles of suitcase as well as hand luggage.  It is usually best to look at suitcases with wheels on for the bulk of your stuff and there are two options here – two wheels or four wheels.

Two-wheel cases are normally known as upright suitcases and have two larger wheels.  Four-wheel styles are often called spinners and use four smaller wheels.  Spinners are easier to maneuver around the airport on smooth floors while upright cases are tougher to handle that uneven ground and bouncing up and down the kerb.  So if you are planning on getting a taxi straight to the airport, a spinner will work well.  But if you are going on public transport, an upright case is tougher.

Hard or soft case?

The material of the case is another consideration and there are both hard and soft styles available.  Hard-sided luggage offers greater protection for items inside like your vaping kit and is often more water resistant.  They are heavier than soft-sided, although there are many lightweight options available.  The glossy finish can be prone to scratching and they don’t have an expandable facility.

Soft-sided luggage is more flexible and easy to store, often with expandable capacity.  They are lightweight and can be less expensive than hard sided styles.  They do offer less protection from items inside and the fabrics may not be water resistant.

Is a handle important?

Trolley handles can be either adjustable or a fixed height.  If you opt for one that is adjustable, then you can make sure that the handle is at the height that is most comfortable for you.  The only downside with adjustable handles is that they often take up room inside the case when they are folded down – so you need to consider what’s more important: the space or the convenience.

Most handles are made from plastic and some will be padded or have an ergonomic shape to them that makes them more comfortable to use.


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