Everyone loves a road trip, and with summer all around, you may be thinking of getting your car on the road and heading for an unknown destination, in search of fun and adventure. But your Husky is a part of your family, and of course, your furry friend will be riding shotgun with you. But feeding your Husky on a road trip can be tricky business if you’re not prepared.

You want your Husky to be as happy on your road trip as you will be, and feeding your Husky properly is key to a happy furry passenger. Here are a few tips to keeping your four legged friend happy, well fed and content.

  • Always carry enough water: You may be headed into a desert or a forest with no water source nearby. The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere, with a very thirsty Husky in tow. A road trip is supposed to be fun, and you don’t want to be spending your last few dollars on expensive bottles of water that don’t seem to last. Carry ample water – keeping your Husky well hydrated means they will have regular bathroom breaks and healthy tummies.
  • Carry your brand of dog food: Your pet may be partial to a certain brand – ensuring that you have enough dog food with you will keep your Husky a happy camper. Feeding them junk food will not be good for Huskies, especially on a long road trip.
  • Keep food ready: Huskies are generally grazers, and they will always eat a little during the whole day. As you will be traveling, it may not be possible to keep a bowl of food nearby, because you could potentially mess up your car. But you can make periodic stops to make sure they have enough calorie intakes in the day.
  • Don’t feed them right before the road trip: Just like little kids, Husky pups can be prone to car sickness, and you have less of a mess to clean up if they don’t have food swirling around their tummies during the trip. Avoid feeding your Husky two hours prior to your journey.
  • Make frequent stops: Just like humans, Huskies also get bored on a long journey. Make a short stop every hour or so to stretch your legs and allow your Husky to do the same. This would be a great time to feed them and give them water to drink. These frequent stops are a great way of making sure your Husky is happy, healthy and definitely not hungry. Plus, letting them exercise will hopefully keep them tired while you’re driving – snooze time is worry free time for you and your pet.
  • Bring food to settle an upset tummy: It’s unavoidable, but dogs do pass gas and you really don’t want to be stuck in a closed car with your pet farting away to glory. You may think that’s gross, but that’s the reality which many people don’t address. Bring yogurt or canned pumpkins that act as great tummy settlers.


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