Summer is a time of the year when everybody and everything feels a little better. The sun shines, the wind is warm, and the engines of luxury supercars roar just that bit little louder. Convertible car hire in France offers a portal to the good life: aesthetic beauty, freedom to roam roads of unparalleled beauty, and unique driving experiences that prioritise fun. We get behind the wheel of the three luxury convertible supercars that you need to drive in this summer; so buckle up, put your foot down, and enjoy the ride through France’s bucolic countryside.

3) Ferrari California

The prancing horse displayed on Ferrari’s badge feels rather proud on the bonnet of this beautiful machine, one could infer. The retro-influenced, 2-door convertible is a simply gorgeous motor vehicle and holds the beacon for fine Italian craftsmanship. The aesthetic simplicity of the Ferrari California is mesmerizing: beauty, artistry, and history, complemented by mechanical prowess. What more could you want?

The First coupé convertible produced by Ferrari is imbued with a nod toward the styling of the 1960’s Ferrari 250, and this effortless sense of cool permeates every aspect of the car. Add to this a V8 twin turbo engine capable of reaching 316 km/h with 560 hp, and you have supercar you’ll want everyone to see you in this summer. It is the first fuel inject, front-ended V8 Ferrari in history and the thrill of the ride is quite unlike anything else we’ve experienced.

2) Rolls Royce Drophead

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious then you needn’t look further than the elegant Rolls Royce Drophead. The opulent convertible is the foreword in motoring grace and is a clear choice for those looking for sophistication on the road. The Drophead offers an exceptionally comfortable ride, and looks equally at home on the streets of Monaco as it does cruising down Paris’ Champs Elysees.

Without doubt one of the most impressive and imposing convertibles on the market, the Rolls Royce Drophead still manages to reach impressive speeds thanks to its V12, 460 hp engine. The stylish vehicle exudes a sense of luxury as it moves towards its top speed of 240 km/h. Arrive at a chic event in the oversized vehicle to experience the ultimate sense of regality.

1) Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

Aston Martin has long been linked with effortless cool. The brand perpetuates a sense of style which befits a long summer drive along a turquoise coast. Its superb performance will encourage you to drive just one more mile, until the only boundary is the end of the road. As at home meandering down the French Riviera as it is through a chicane in the Alpine mountains, this is the supercar for those who need it all.

A V12 engine produces 573 hp and a top speed of 295 km/h, which is more than enough to keep your blood pumping in the summer sunshine, while the vehicle’s sense of cool will keep temperatures down in the summer heat. Unparalleled in the world of supercars, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is a pleasure to watch go by, let alone to drive. This is a supercar for every occasion.

The choices are wide and varied, but in our opinion there isn’t a summer occasion that wouldn’t be made better by one of these incredible machines. But what makes these three convertible supercars really special, is that far from being just a mode of transport to get you to an event – they simply are the event.


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