Embarking upon a business trip can provide an opportunity to make fantastic contacts or expanding your knowledge, but they also come with their own challenges. If you’ve travelled on a long-haul flight for business purposes, you’ll know only too well how hard it can be to impress in a meeting while you’re trying to beat jet lag.

If you successfully overcome jet leg, you may still face on common travelling problem: missing family. To help, here are some ways to help you stay in touch with your loved ones, whether you’re away on business for a few days or a few months.

Make a Call

One of the easiest – and most obvious – ways to keep in touch is by calling. Whether you call  on your phone, or video chat on your laptop, talking and hearing the voices of people back home is one of the fastest and best ways to reduce the distance and time zones between you and your family.

Take a Memento

Although video chats and calls are great when you’re missing people back home, the lack one important thing: physical contact. At home, you’re used to hugging your partner, kids and pets, familiar smells, and the comfort of your own bed. When you travel for business, pack something that reminds you of home. This could be your morning coffee mug, your partner’s fragrance, or your pillow, to make you feel more relaxed.

Send Lots of Photos

When you’re away on business, one of the things you might miss the most is your daily routine. Similarly, although you can talk on the phone, your family can’t see what you’re doing. Before you travel, agree that you and your loved ones will take regular photos. This way, you can share meal times with a quick email, or say goodnight with a Snapchat selfie, helping to keep you in the loop and make you feel connected.

Send Care Packages

If you’re going to be away for a longer period of time, then you could also consider sending parcels. Buy gifts for your family and send them home with Parcel2Go, to show that you’re thinking about them. Or ask your loved ones to post out a care package, with drawings, letters and things that remind you of home.

Whether you’re a new graduate who has had to move back home, have little kids or a family at home, being away from your nearest and dearest can be tough. Try these tips and see if they can help you on your next business trip.


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