People have been going on road trips since the invention of the road and the car. We see no sign of this fun trend slowing, either. While our vehicles have changed throughout the years with new features added, new styling, and a slew of different makes and models available, a few stand out and stand the test of road trip time.

These vehicles are ones that have always been and always will be amazing to take on a road trip no matter what the decade is. They stand out from the rest for being iconic, versatile, reliable, and just downright fun to drive. Here are a few of the all-time best road trip cars, and why we love them:

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

Whether you’re reminiscing about your road trip back in 1965, or taking your classic out of storage this summer to give it some exercise, the 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible is without a doubt one of the all-time best road trip cars ever. Driving through America in an all-American legend with the wind in your hair and all that power under your feet will have you feeling so free.

2007 Honda Accord Hybrid

You can’t go wrong with a Honda Accord when it comes to comfort, quality, and simplicity. These cars are so reliable and roomy, which makes them excellent for a road trip. The hybrid makes your gas budget go that much longer, which means you’ll never have to end your trip in this awesome, timeless sedan. For a family sedan, the Honda Accord Hybrid is also the perfect adventure vehicle and really lets you cover some miles comfortably, efficiently, and with no worries at all.

1985 Land Rover Defender 90

If there’s anywhere you want to go, the Defender will get you there. Off-roading in this classic is so fun, and so is highway driving. If you see a turn on your road trip and wonder what’s down that road, the Defender is the vehicle that you can confidently make that turn and take on whatever’s up ahead.

1957 Ford Country Squire

Families from the 50’s really knew how to travel in style. The bulky but streamlined wood-paneled luxury land boat known as the Country Squire has plenty of room, loads of style, and was the road trip vehicle of choice back in the day. While you won’t get the best mpg for a long modern road trip, what you’ll get in looks and nods from people you pass by in this piece of history will be priceless. A long line means lots of room, while the sturdy frame makes for a really smooth ride that you’ll love.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Our modern choice for the all-time best road trip vehicle is the versatile, affordable, and oh-so-stylish Jeep Grand Cherokee. This modern SUV has a refined interior that’s perfect for passengers and cargo, while you’ll still get all the rugged capabilities and 4-wheel drive that Jeep is known for. It can tow all of your road trip toys, too! You can take this one from the tightest city roads to the windiest mountain trails seamlessly. We think it’ll be on favorite lists decades from now, too.

1960’s-70’s Volkswagen Camper Bus

These camper busses are so iconic and fun. You can’t help but have the best time traveling in them. Even if they break down, they’re so easy to fix and you can just stay in them wherever they’re parked and have a little hotel on wheels! Talk about the ultimate road trip adventure through the decades. Play some old tunes and you’ll instantly be transported to days gone by and the miles roll by.

1960’s through 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Luxury meets off-roading in this vintage wagon that still turns heads. It’s basically the first true SUV and combines all the elements of an SUV and a luxury station wagon that you’d want. It has plenty of room for all of your passengers and their stuff, and is perfectly ready to hit the beach, the mountains, the highway or anywhere in between. In fact, the Grand Wagoneer is so iconic that Jeep is re-making it for 2018 or 2019, so soon we can add that model to this list.


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