You’ve planned your perfect vacation and you’re dreaming of a beautiful holiday in an exotic location – everything has been booked from your hotels, to your flights but have you given a thought about your dental care? This is one point that is often overlooked by many and if you face any dental issues on your trip, your entire holiday may be ruined. Here are a few tips of how you can deal with any Dental issues while traveling.

Make an appointment with your dental care provider before you leave: It’s important to get a quick dental check up with your trusted dentist at Yaletown Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry before you head off for your holiday. If required, get your teeth cleaned but avoid getting any major dental treatments done just before your trip. Let your dentist know you’ll be travelling and ask them for any advice as well.

What do you do if your crown comes out? You may think that this is a nightmare that could cut your holiday short, but there is a remedy to this problem. Firstly, you should make sure that the area is clean of any food debris and the next step would be to check where to reinsert your crown in the correct position to avoid shifting and other problems later. Once the area has been cleaned thoroughly and you are sure of where to place the crown, place a small amount of over the counter temporary dental cement paste which should be available at your nearest drug store. Place the crown over the paste and bite down gently to ensure the crown has been properly placed.

Lost your dental filling? This is also a common problem but the most important point is to ensure that the exposed area is always covered so that food debris does not enter. You can purchase certain products which may act as temporary dental fillings form your nearest drug store but if nothing is available, you can also use sugar free gum or wax.

Lose a tooth? You may get into a situation where your tooth falls out. If there’s no dentist in sight, make sure you locate the fallen tooth and handle it carefully by avoiding touching the roots. Holding it by the crown, wash it so that no dirt remains but avoid scrubbing the tooth and place it into a glass of cold milk to preserve it. Then you search for the nearest dentist.

Got a fractured tooth? The first thing you do is to clean the area thoroughly with warm water and place sterile gauze on the tooth, covering it so that no air can access it. Avoid allowing cool liquids to touch your fractured tooth as well. Get a frozen bag of veggies or anything in your freezer or use a cold compress to decrease any swelling that may occur. Visit a dentist as soon as possible.

While there are many scenarios that may occur, you should always maintain good oral hygiene and avoid sugary drinks which are extremely bad for your teeth. Being on holiday, you may not be able to completely avoid sugary drinks but consciously keeping your sugary liquid intake at a minimum will have your teeth thanking you later. As with all dental issues, do ask your hotel concierge or call your insurance hotline to find your nearest dentist.


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