Efficiency and productivity are essential for businesses. It is why the traditional picture of an office is defined by rigidly laid out workstations and rows of glowing computer screens. It shows that, for a long time, productivity has been equated primarily with stamina and how long employees can work, rather than what they can produce.

Companies have restricted their best and brightest talents to drab workspaces, with rigid schedules and rote learning. They have closed off opportunities for creativity and collaboration because they are afraid of distraction. However, recent studies are proving that open and cooperative environments foster hard work, greater commitment, and better results.

Keep reading to find out how you can use the power of collaboration to maximise the potential of your office and employees.

Think About Going ‘Virtual’

The popularity of flexible office solutions is only set to increase, both in Southeast Asia and across the world. It is because they provide a level of independence and control that cannot be enjoyed with any other arrangement.

They are perfect for remote teams – employees who work off-site – and suite smaller ventures which like to mix it up with their work routines. Visit us to find out more about the virtual office solutions available in Bangkok right now.

Make Room for Collaboration

Multiple studies have shown that collaboration is an invaluable asset for modern businesses. It really is true what they say – many minds are better than one. So, don’t be afraid of coworking spaces and public environments. They are hives of creativity and innovation.

The secret to making remote teams successful is to stop worrying about distractions. If your workers are off site, you cannot monitor their activities, but you can set firm targets and progress measures. Use the conferencing spaces in virtual facilities to meet with remote employees on a face to face basis.

Recognise the Value of Agility

With a flexible office lease, you do not have to worry about getting tied into unsuitable terms or conditions. This is a valuable asset because markets change fast. Economic conditions can rise or fall with one word from the right (or wrong) politician or celebrity.

The key to surviving is staying flexible. Choose a virtual or serviced office provider, which won’t make you commit to a 2-5 year lease. While serviced suites are available on a rolling, month by month basis, virtual workspaces are even more negotiable. They can be accessed on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, so you only invest in the features you need.

Invest in Back Office Support

One of the most easily overlooked benefits of a virtual office is access to instant support and advice. The best providers offer IT, secretarial, receptionist, and other forms of administrative assistance. Having support so close by and so readily available is a guaranteed way to save time and minimise wasted hours.

It is also an excellent way to save money because rather than outsourcing and spending lots of cash for assistance that you do not completely need. You can access it on your own terms. ‘Pay as you go’ usage means no waste and highly efficient, economical expenses. The fact that they are all on-site means that your employees can focus on getting the job done, instead of searching for essential resources.

Why Productivity Is Easy with the Right Tools

To make sure that your team is working as efficiently as possible, you need to provide them with the right tools. This is true whether you are directing a remote team out of a virtual facility or an onsite workforce from a private office. The real secret is to ensure that you are worker smarter and not harder. High-quality onsite resources – fast broadband, receptionist support, corporate mailboxes, and boardroom spaces – are a fast way to a more productive company.


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