You’re sitting at your computer, trying to refresh the page you’re browsing so you can get your chance at ordering the hottest gift the moment it becomes available. It finally loads, only with the dreaded “out of stock” message because your internet runs at dial up speeds. Don’t miss out on that great deal net time, there are plenty of reasons why you may be experiencing this lag, and simple solutions to help you get your internet back up to speed. You won’t have to sit through another choppy episode of your favorite rerun on Netflix, or catch the breaking news after it’s no longer breaking.

You’re Too Far from Your Wifi Router:

While it may be more enjoyable to binge watch from your backyard hammock with a margarita in hand, you may just be too far from your wireless router to get a strong signal. Even within your own four walls, distance and obstructions such as walls, windows and furniture can cause your signal to slow down along the way.

Easy Solution: Make sure your router is in a centralized location in your home, and invest in a range extender, a device that is designed to boost your wireless signal. If speed is particular important for a particular project, consider positioning yourself near the router or plugging in to an Ethernet cable.

Too Many Devices on your Connection:

Just like when you have too many power-sucking electronics plugged in and the lights dim in your house due to a power drain, too many devices utilizing your connection can also cause a speed drain. If you have several people connected to your wireless, and your tablet, laptop, cell phone and the new gadget of the week all drawing off the same source, it’s bound to slow down.

Easy Solution: This is an easy fix. If you have too many devices uses your connection, shut some of them down when you’re not using them, or limit how many people can access your wireless internet. Make sure you have a password protected connection too, so the neighbors aren’t tapping into your wireless, slowing you down.

Your Equipment isn’t at its Top Performance:

Technology moves fast, and older devices may not be able to perform at top speeds, due to their age, capabilities, or lack of free space. Old routers and modems may be not be able to process information at the same rate as their newer counterparts.

Easy Solution: Make sure your computer is free of any malware or spyware that can cause significant slowdowns. Also consider deleting old files or moving them to an external hard drive to free up space. If all is well there, it may be time to upgrade your wireless router or your modem.

Too Much Traffic to the Site You’re Visiting:

Traffic jams don’t just happen on the highway, they can also happen online when too many people try to visit one site at the same time. This can be due to inadequate servers, or just a large influx of users at the same time.

Easy Solution: Preventing this slow down is often out of your hands, but it’s worth visiting the particular site during less popular hours, such as early morning or late evening, depending on the content of the site.



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