Trends come and go, but it seems like men grooming habits are here to stay. The beard trend is only one of the many indications that we are in a new age where there have been rapid changes on the men’s beauty scene. Male grooming is now a multi-billion-pound worldwide industry.

As the ‘’social stigma’’ surrounding men who pay too much attention to their looks is increasingly waning, it may not be out of place to say that self-expression is back and men can now feel comfortable in the way that they maintain their appearance. So what trends are coming next for male grooming?

Trends in Male Grooming

From hair care products to luxury face creams and moisturizers, there has been a rise in the variety of male maintenance products in recent times. This may have been likely influences by recent celebrity fashion trends. The focus on maintaining facial hair is one that cannot be ignored, especially as there has been a significant decline in men’s shaving products just as facial grooming and beard styling products have continued to increase.

Over the last decade, the hipster beard trend has been growing and although it is giving way for a more groomed appearance, facial hair seems to be more accepted and is seen as a trendy expression of masculinity and individuality.

This industry is expected to continue rising as new trends fuel the need for new products, and men are becoming more interested in sticking to a grooming routine. The desire to maintain a youthful appearance has dominated grooming habits, which means that facial moisturizers, anti-agers, night creams and so on have gained ground.

A lot of companies that have, before now, been driven by women’s products are now making the necessary adjustment and are diversifying in order to satisfy the needs of the male market. In order to help men achieve a grooming routine that is as simple as possible, a lot of these companies produce all-in-one multi-benefit products. Segmentation also characterizes some of these products which target particular skin conditions and concerns of the male market.

What to Expect

Since 2010, the UK has been one of the top 10 on the boom market list for men’s toiletries. The use of moisturizer is now seen as essential, and skincare and facial hair maintenance accounts for the key innovation trends in male grooming.

Face makeup and male cosmetics is an area that has potential in male grooming, as it seems to be the next step after skincare. Functional face makeup that does the basics like concealers and lip balms are already on the scene. However, colour focussed cosmetics may take a while to gain popularity due to social barriers.

There may also be a rise in beauty salon businesses to meet the extra demand. Expect to see ‘male only’ salons to tie in with the male specific products that are on the rise.


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