There are lots of different ways to make the most of a van you no longer need and if you’re business-minded in your approach, you could end up making a great income during your retirement. Here are some ideas on how to make money from your old van.


The most obvious way to make money from your van is to turn it into a taxi. First of all, you’d need to make sure your van was kitted out with comfortable seating and an expense tracker, so that you know how much to charge your customers. You will also need to get an official licence so that people will regard you as trustworthy, and you’ll need a business phone so that your customers can call you up to book their journeys in. Marketing is key for any business so make sure you have eye-catching branding on your van first of all, and that you advertise in places that people often need lifts to and from, such as supermarkets.


In the UK, more than 100,000 people move house each month, so you can imagine how many belongings are being transferred in this process. Most people have to pay a hefty fee for a removal company even if they don’t have many belongings to move. If you advertise a ‘man-with-a-van’ service you’d be inundated with requests for help with house removals. Lots of people are always looking for help with transporting all kinds of goods. For example, those who sell furniture using mobile apps but have no way of offering a delivery service, or people who have purchased some large, heavy items from a garden centre but have no way of getting them home.

Party Bus

These days, there are so many companies that offer vehicle alterations, you can transform your van into just about anything. One business idea that is bound to be successful if you pitch it at the right price, is turning your van into a party bus. You could have it extended to create more seating space and kit it out with a mini bar, funky lights, and a music system. Make sure you advertise your services in places often associated with partying for example, popular venues and party equipment hire premises.Whether you just can’t handle the idea of losing your beloved van or whether you’re looking for a business opportunity to earn some additional income in your retirement, these ideas will give you some inspiration for how to transform your old motor into a money-making machine. Remember, you will still need to compare different hgv insurance policies even for these purposes. You could apply for a taxi licence and make a steady income from taking people from A to B, or you could specialize in transporting goods instead with a ‘man-with-a-van’ style business. Or if you really feel like going all out, why not invest in transforming your van into the ultimate party bus? There are so many great ideas out there to help you make the most of your old van, and for more lifestyle tips you could check out

You wake up each day, gulp down your coffee and get in your car to drive to work. Along the way you see children laughing and playing and long for your younger days when life was simple and fun. The truth is that many people, as they grow older, lose sight of themselves and focus on making others happy. They invest time and money on sending their children to sports camps or ballet classes. While this is all good stuff, there’s one person missing, and that’s you. It’s important to make the most of each day so that everyone in your family lives a full and healthy life.

Get Your Finances in Order

Spending money to live a certain lifestyle can leave you strapped for cash and depressed. In order to enjoy a better quality of life, you need to get your finances in order. Establishing a budget and utilizing it will go a long way towards providing relief of your internal stress. If you have several credit cards and they are close to their limit, make an effort to start using your cash and avoid accumulating any more debt. If you are cash poor due to a number of small payments on a multitude of credit cards, you can apply for a monthly installment loan to consolidate them into one affordable payment. This will free up money and help you to reduce your stress so you can start enjoying life.

Make Time for You

In order to live life to the fullest, you need to not only stay physically fit and eat right, but you also need to do something that makes you happy. Otherwise, as time goes by, you’ll start to feel resentment towards others. Lose the guilt and make time for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with having a hobby or taking a day once a month and dedicating it to yourself. In fact, you’ll return energized and fulfilled, allowing you to join your family in feeling satisfied.  If you enjoy nature, go on a hike. If you like to draw, take up an art class.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

A doom and gloom environment can sap the happy feelings out of your body and send you quickly into a state of depression. Life’s too short for negativity. Instead of hanging out with people who focus on the bad side of everything, surround yourself with good friends and family members who love life. Remaining in a state of negative thoughts can affect your mental and physical health and leave you feeling lost and confused. On the other hand, spending time with people who are positive and upbeat helps you feel happy and content.

Eliminate the Waste

Most people waste a lot of time doing nothing. While there’s nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing on the weekend, you only have this time to spend with loved ones and doing things you enjoy. Instead of taking the usual cat nap, get in the car and take a drive with no particular end place in mind and experience life on the spur of the moment.

Life is a gift most people take for granted. Clear up all the things that hold you back such as debt or negative thinking and start making the most of each day.