Black Friday Sale is still a few months away, but we at Petsmart are gearing up with our probable predictions where great deals are on the way when you are shopping for pet lovers. Petsmart Black Friday sale includes everything that you need to keep your pet healthy and happy, indeed a one stop shop for all the lifetime needs of your pets! The store provides a broad range of competitively priced pet food and products with over 3,600 items.

The Sale Starts at 7:00 am on November 24, 2018

If you have a Pet dog , you will definitely require some specialized products like food items, toys, collars & leashes, filters, bedding accessories, grooming kits, apparel and litter & housebreaking products and many more. While the list is endless but at the Black Friday Sale the store offers amazing deals with great savings of more than 50% off Online or at the store on pet essentials.

Some popular Brands on offer during the sale period that are famous for making pet supplies for dogs are :

  • Authority
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Purina Pro Plan
  • Simply Nourish
  • Royal Canin
  • Natural Balance
  • Nutro
  • Greenies
  • Only Natural Pet
  • Hill’s Science diet

Doorbuster Deal on Dog Food and Treats

  1. Milk Bone Treats– These delicious nutritious treat with four different flavors of biscuits coated with rich, meaty gravy and fortified with 12 vitamins & minerals are sized for small/medium dogs.
  • Flavors include beef, bacon, chicken
  • Hard and Crunchy freshens breath and Cleans teeth
  • Available for $4.99 before noon
  • Price after noon during the Black Friday sale is $8.99
  1. Buy 1, get 1 free dog food – Entire Stock from some of the top brands including Purina Pro Plan, Pedigree, Purina Dog Chow, Purina Puppy Chow and Purina One dog food
  • Sizes available -12.5-20.4-lb. bags
  • Multiple flavor options to choose from
  • Suitable for pups, small, medium , adult dogs

3) Simply Nourish Dog food – This Food is Balanced with wholesome nutrition with added essential vitamins and minerals and loaded with chicken and Brown rice flavor.

  • Beneficial for strong lean muscles
  • 24-50 lb. bags are available at a discounted price$39.99 during the sale.
  • Rich in high Protein, Grain free and low on Carbohydrates is an ideal meal for your adorabale pet.

4) Authority Dog food -30-35 lb bags at $29.99 each with more than 50 flavors to choose from.

This adult large breed chicken and Pea Formula dog food with a delicious taste promotes proper digestion and healthy immune system.

  • Promotes Healthy digestion
  • Shiny skin and Coat
  • Grain free

Dog Accessories

Sale is Active on the Entire stock from dog beds to collars, apparel, wire crates pet lovers save big up to 50% off when shopping from Petsmart.

  • Top Paw Double–door crates

A permanent home for growing puppies, folds up to suitcase style is available in 7 sizes at half the original price at the Black Friday sale.

  • 50% off all Great Choice Cuddler beds and cuddler bed gift sets

This great gift set includes a plush, comfortable bed with a field of hearts at the center of its design, and also includes a matching blanket and pillow for optimal comfort. Only at PetSmart, this product is available in Blue, Pink and multiple color options.

  • 50% off Top Paw, Pet Holiday and ED Ellen Degeneres Dog apparel

Dress your pup with this warm and comfortable ED Ellen DeGeneres Augie Ski Sweatshirt. This adorable hoodie sweatshirt slips on and off easily while offering a comfortable fit, and is available in Red, Blue, Grey , white and Yellow.

  • Flea and Tick Collar– Save $20

Protect your pet from Fleas and ticks all year long by choosing from a wide collection of Collars

which are easy to apply, odorless and gentle on your pet and comes in 2 sizes.

  • Dog Sweaters, Coats and Hoodies – Price range starts from $2.50

For your fashionable pet check out the seasonal selection in winter wear, raincoats, fleece available in variety of styles, colors, materials etc.

  • Car Seat Cover or Hammock @ Discount up to 50%. Protect your furniture and Car seats from dog odor and pet hair with these stylish covers.
  • Water Proof and Stain Resistant
  • Two large pockets for extra storage
  • Durable and double stitched seams
  • Velcro opening for seat belt
  • Assorted color options available

Miscellaneous deals not to be missed during the Black Friday sale until 12 noon

  • $14.50 for Great Choice dog pads, regular size, 150-count
  • Cesar Food 24- Count variety packs available @$3 off
  • $3.50 off Canine Greenies dental treats, 27-oz boxes
  • 50% off over 250 dog treats
  • 50% off on PetHoliday Toys
  • Save $20 on Value Bag Purina Pro Plan Dog Food-47-50 lb bags
  • Great Choice 150 count Regular Size Dog pads @$13.50
  • Complete range of Dog beds of Great Choice 33″ x 45″ XL @ $17.99(till Noon) ($19.99 After Noon) over the Original price @$39

Grooming Service – 50% off

Primp your Pet by availing PAWdicure Plus Walk-in service by Trained experts at a discounted price only on 24th November Friday sale all day long. Service Includes:

  • Nail trim & grind
  • Light feet trim & pad shaving
  • Ear cleaning & hair removal
  • Scented cologne spritz
  • Bandana or bow

Also stay tuned in for some more latest PetSmart discounts on pet services including grooming, training, and veterinary care to keep your pet looking and feeling great at the Sale. So step up and keep a close watch at the Black Friday Deals as most of the major door buster deals will only be available until noon, and that’s if there is any stock left by that point.

Your Utmost Guide For Choosing The Best Flooring Option For Every Room In Your House

Most people give up and just opt for carpet with installation for every room in their house, except for the kitchen and bathroom of course. It doesn’t need to be this way. Instead, you can choose to have a different type of flooring installed in every room. You just need to know more about floors in general so that you can go into a home improvement store without feeling lost. Here’s a quick overview of the various rooms in a home and the best flooring for them.

Living and Family Rooms

Living and family rooms need to be inviting. They’re spaces where people tend to congregate, whether for formal reasons (living rooms) or informal ones (family rooms.) As a result, they need to feel warm and cozy. You can get away with having a wood floor in one of these rooms, as long as you strategically use rugs and other methods of making the space warmer. However, your best bet is paying for carpet with installation fees.


A kitchen receives plenty of foot traffic, so you need flooring that will be quite resilient. It’s also a floor that’s prone to spills and splashes from the cooking process. Many people choose to go with some sort of tile in their kitchens; vinyl, ceramic, and stone tile are all great options. However, another route to take is wood. Things like wood cork tiles will work well in a kitchen because it’s comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.


Another room that typically receives tile is the bathroom. Wood flooring won’t work in a bathroom, simply because of the extreme amounts of moisture that are bandied about. Even if all of the water manages to remain in the bathtub, sink, and shower stall, there’s still moisture to contend with. Because of this, the bathroom is a great place to install ceramic or stone tiles.


Bedrooms need to be just as cozy as the living and family rooms, if not more so because they are the main places where people sleep. A cold bedroom floor is just not an option. You can prevent this with some carpeting, or even an underfloor heating system if you decide to go with a wood floor and some rugs. However, wood cork tiles work well in here as well.

Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms

Like the kitchen, these two spaces receive some abuse. You don’t want to have carpeting installed in your mudroom and laundry room, simply because it will become too messy. Instead, you want floorings that’s resilient and easy to clean, such as ceramic tiles, linoleum, and even vinyl tiles. You don’t really have to worry about moisture here – just dirty shoes and potential spills.

The Foyer

Finally, there’s the foyer. You want to make an impression with yours, as it’s the first room that guests see. This is the space to install those marble or stone tiles. They’ll look great, remain impressive, and even hold up well over time.