There are lots of different ways to make the most of a van you no longer need and if you’re business-minded in your approach, you could end up making a great income during your retirement. Here are some ideas on how to make money from your old van.


The most obvious way to make money from your van is to turn it into a taxi. First of all, you’d need to make sure your van was kitted out with comfortable seating and an expense tracker, so that you know how much to charge your customers. You will also need to get an official licence so that people will regard you as trustworthy, and you’ll need a business phone so that your customers can call you up to book their journeys in. Marketing is key for any business so make sure you have eye-catching branding on your van first of all, and that you advertise in places that people often need lifts to and from, such as supermarkets.


In the UK, more than 100,000 people move house each month, so you can imagine how many belongings are being transferred in this process. Most people have to pay a hefty fee for a removal company even if they don’t have many belongings to move. If you advertise a ‘man-with-a-van’ service you’d be inundated with requests for help with house removals. Lots of people are always looking for help with transporting all kinds of goods. For example, those who sell furniture using mobile apps but have no way of offering a delivery service, or people who have purchased some large, heavy items from a garden centre but have no way of getting them home.

Party Bus

These days, there are so many companies that offer vehicle alterations, you can transform your van into just about anything. One business idea that is bound to be successful if you pitch it at the right price, is turning your van into a party bus. You could have it extended to create more seating space and kit it out with a mini bar, funky lights, and a music system. Make sure you advertise your services in places often associated with partying for example, popular venues and party equipment hire premises.Whether you just can’t handle the idea of losing your beloved van or whether you’re looking for a business opportunity to earn some additional income in your retirement, these ideas will give you some inspiration for how to transform your old motor into a money-making machine. Remember, you will still need to compare different hgv insurance policies even for these purposes. You could apply for a taxi licence and make a steady income from taking people from A to B, or you could specialize in transporting goods instead with a ‘man-with-a-van’ style business. Or if you really feel like going all out, why not invest in transforming your van into the ultimate party bus? There are so many great ideas out there to help you make the most of your old van, and for more lifestyle tips you could check out

While some people in the world look at shopping as “retail therapy”, those who travel and are always on the go find it to be an overwhelming process. After all, taking some time out of your everyday life between work, home and your travels is not easy in the first place, and when you add those few hours in the mall to the mix, you do not have a single window in your jam-packed schedule that could be attributed to relaxation or unwinding.

But thanks to the technological advances of the internet, online vendors such as My Gift Stop make it possible for the busy shopper to get their hands on exquisite yet discounted items, all without ever having to step out of their home or office.

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When it comes to luxury items that will let you flaunt your style with confidence over your travels, the vendor holds brands which are household names, including but not limited to Citizen and Kate Spade. Whereas, when you look at the other sections of the gift shop, you would also be able to find goods from names such as Waterford Crystal, which will help you add that touch of panache to your household, so that you can spend time in your little empire blissfully before your next destination calls upon you.

The store is not all about corporate philosophy, however, since it also believes in its social responsibility and gives back to society by giving away 5% of every sale to Direct Relief, a global medical relief nonprofit.

One more thing that sets My Gift Stop apart from other stores out there is its intention to keep offering great deals to its existing and potential customers. To achieve this objective, the store runs different discount offers which sometimes include giveaways and at others come with simple yet huge discounts on luxury items, so that you always have a smile on your face when shopping through the domain.

With all these offerings and the ability to ship urgent orders on time, My Gift Stop remains a top contender among online stores, even when it comes to last minute presents – so even if you do not have the opportunity amidst your travels to wish a loved one on their special occasion on time, you can always make sure to have a wonderful gift delivered to them in a timely manner that could convey your appreciation of them beautifully.

What will trading look like in about 25 years from now? We have asked the experts at an anticipation of how technology will continue to revolutionise the world of online trading.

Technology is running fast and possibly already 10 years from now things could be very different indeed as far as online trading is concerned. How things will change tough it is not very easy to say but there are some clear trends that are starting to develop that can allow us to make some sensible predictions.

For example, it is feasible to imagine that everyone will have a full-time personal investment advisor. The only different that instead of being a human it might be an artificial intelligence platform that will give investment advice based on machine learning. Does it sound crazy? Well, it isn’t as if you looking at where the technology is going now something like this is a lot more realistic that you might think.

  1. Digital stock avatars are coming— i.e. Google meets Schwab

Computers are able to deal with a huge amount of information much better than any human can do. A digital avatar will be able to find opportunities according to your own specifications and in doing so being more accurate and free a lot of your time. In short think Google partnering with Charles Schwab. Your avatar will not only act upon the instructions that you will give but it will also learn to run on its own after understanding the type of trader you are and your style. It is similar to advanced Pandora: it will ask you initially what songs you prefer and after you have picked a few it will take over and get some songs for you. So in the future you will surely get a lot more digital help to make financial decisions.

  1. Prepare for the YouTube IPO roadshow

Private companies will be able to raise money through crowdsourcing. So you or your financial assistant avatar will spend lots of time on the internet to find early stages start-ups. Young upstarts will probably do lots of their presentation on video. In the video they will explain who they are and how they have come up with an idea. They will also tell you how much they are looking to raise. Than maybe if you are interested they can share more information in the written prospectus.

  1. Finally, a stock picker to beat the index: You

But what will happen when everyone will know everything and digital avatars will be running the show? The cost of doing traditional stock analysis will crash and considering that this is the bread and butter of Wall Stree’s sell-side today it will cause concerns. Everything will change as you and your digital avatar will have so much data available and so great computing power to beat any current traditional analysis.

Ok … but if you become Goldman Sachs, what happens to Goldman and JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley?

  1. Wall Street may employ your kids—and great-grandkids

Goldman Sachs will not die and you know why? Because there will still be some information that is not widely known and also that hasn’t been immediately digitised. So this will give enough time to be exploited through the traditional channel.

So there will still be a Wall Street and Wall Street jobs!

  1. Artificial intelligence will replace many analyst jobs

Wall Street will still exist but do not underestimate the impact of technology on jobs. Artificial intelligence will replace lots of analyst jobs as it will become too difficult for human to be as efficient especially with the high amount of data that will be generated. Having said that there will still be plenty of jobs available for those people capable of providing consultancy to those companies that are not sure what to do. Also software engineers and computer systems analysts will be very important to operate the whole network.

  1. The next Great Depression will take place in … a second

With the huge increase in digitalised information the time advantage will shrink considerably. Investors will become used to huge price moves in very short time. This means that the whole cycle of bust, recovery, boom and bust will happen significantly faster. All in minutes of even seconds!