Having a holiday home is a brilliant way of enabling easier holidays at any time of year. They give you simple and easy accommodation in a great location, whilst serving as an investment for the future.

Whilst most holiday homes are villas or apartments in prestigious cities across the world, caravan holiday homes break the mould by offering a slightly different experience. Here is a quite run-through of why a caravan holiday home might be better than a conventional one.


To begin with, holiday homes are expensive. Everyone has a different budget, but most will have trouble investing in a second property on top of their own. Caravan holiday homes offer the perfect solution by being significantly cheaper than traditional properties, whilst maintaining a great location and excellent facilities. In fact, many caravans are based in luxury parks, offering incredible services as part of the holiday home experience. Compare this to the mediocre (or expensive) facilities that usually come together with traditional holiday homes and you have a clear advantage for caravans.


We’ve already touched on this point, but most caravan holiday homes are based in parks full of excellent facilities. The main reason for this, is that caravan homes tend to be smaller than most normal properties, featuring key amenities and that’s all; so, the surrounding area must offer the other desirable features of a holiday destination. Furthermore, these amenities must be of incredible quality to attract guests, giving caravan holiday homes a huge advantage over the regular holiday home options.

Some of the common facilities you’ll find available with your caravan holiday park are: swimming pools, full-time security, golf courses, bowling greens, hairdressers, launderettes, restaurants, children’s play areas, free WiFI and dedicated clubhouses. In fact, many caravan holiday home parks offer expeditions and activities that you can’t find elsewhere, which leads us to the next point – nature.


Caravan holiday homes are almost always located in places of incredible natural beauty. This is one of the main reasons that people choose a caravan over the conventional holiday property. Along with the general great feeling of being surrounded by greenery, the natural setting also permits a variety of activities that wouldn’t be available elsewhere. These include beautifully scenic walks, private fishing, surfing and many more, varying from location to location.

City-based holiday homes are surrounded by hectic events and people rushing to and from work. Caravan holiday homes are a getaway from this busyness, allowing their owners to embrace the peacefulness of nature and escape the stress of everyday life. All around, this time spent in nature is great for psychological health, making your holiday even more beneficial.


Along with the unique activities, great facilities and lower price, caravan holiday homes offer a much greater sense of community than most. This is because most static caravans are based in parks with other holiday homes present. This promotes communication between the residents, enabling you to meet new people, make new friends and discover new interests together. This is particularly good for new inhabitants as other members of the community are willing to help newcomers settle in, whilst conventional holiday home locations lack this. Community and socialization isn’t just a fun holiday highlight either, it’s actually great for your mental and physical health too.

Keeping these four key points in mind, it’s clear why people choose caravans and caravan holiday homes over the usual holiday destination choices. When looking at the options for your holiday home, keep caravans in mind as a cheaper, more unique option where you can engage with nature freely and meet new people. Click here if you are interested in finding out more.

It is a huge monument, a construction that can be clearly identified from space but for many, the real cost of the Great Wall of China has remained hidden.

Building walls

It seems odd to think that even in the 21st Century, we still think of walls a means of protecting land, property and people – the exact reasons why the Great Wall of China was built.

A wall denotes a boundary, an obstacle over which no one is authorised to enter unless they have permission to do so.

The Great Wall of China stands as a testament to a time long past, to the skills of labourers and a dynasty that wanted to protect its wealth. But do we know the true cost of the Great Wall of China?

More than money

It took hundreds of years to complete with extensions added by dynasty heads over the centuries.

Extending over 4,000 miles over some of the most mountainous, inhospitable terrain, it is estimated over a million labourers lost their lives over the course of the building. Where the foundations have been exposed, archaeologists have found remains, thought to be of those who died creating this amazing man-made monument.

There are parts of it that are sadly crumbling and not accessible for the majority of the public. Small villages live in the shadow of parts of the wall, a world away from the well-kept steps that we see so often in traveller’s photos.

Why was the Great Wall of China built?

It was built to protect. It was also a sign of dominance, wealth and power, the main reasons why other cultures and people built huge monuments.

It is a show on engineering, a construction that is lasting the test of time. A tourist trap today, it is no longer needed as a protector of the interior of China.

A walk in history

And by exploring its history further with NCC Home Learning, you can find out more about the ancient civilisation that built this wall.

You can begin to understand how parts of this now defunct dynasty are still evident today in the culture of the fastest growing population on earth and why these types of creations and concepts were just as much about the display of wealth as they were about power and dominance.

Travel is a rewarding experience, particularly when it’s to someplace truly exotic. And since there is a first time for everything, every traveler has to start somewhere i.e. go on their first big trip to a faraway destination. It’s a daunting task to say the least, but even the most cautious and inexperienced adventurer can master the art of extended travel.

With that said, we know everyone appreciates some good advice whenever possible. To this end, consider these three things every first-time world traveler should consider:

Renter’s Insurance

Extended travel puts your apartment back home at risk. In fact, many would-be burglars like to scour social media to find posts on international travel plans. This informs the criminal of which apartment to target. But there’s an easy and affordable way to buy yourself peace of mind when you’re on the road. And you don’t need to stop bragging on social media during your epic trips.

Renter’s insurance will allow you to leave your stuff behind without a worry. It’s affordable, responsible and it’ll save you in an emergency. And it’s easy to get online quotes for renters insurance to find the best prices. That way in the event your belongings are stolen – or even if they are damaged due to a fire started by your downstairs neighbor or an overflowing bathtub in the unit above yours.

Travel Documents

The internet is full of horror stories concerning travel documents. Passengers are denied boarding for international trips when they haven’t procured the right visas or medical records. The lesson — Always do a little research to find out which documents you need to bring with you for your trip.

Here’s an example. Many Americans are shocked to find out that a visa is required for a visit to China. The visa must be processed at a Chinese consulate office, and it takes up to four days to process. However, China also offers passengers a 72-hour visa-free transit. However, you’ll have to qualify. You must fly in and out of an approved airport in transit for a stay of three days or less. This means you have to fly from country A to country B (China) and on to country C. You could fly from Vancouver to Beijing to Seattle, but you’re not qualified flying from Seattle to Beijing to Los Angeles.

Some countries require proof of vaccinations while others need your passport to be valid for at least six months beyond your stay. Airlines expect you to know the requirements and will deny you boarding if you do not meet them.

Local Customs and Expectations

It goes without saying that you’ll experience a different way of life by visiting different cultures. But you should always check with reliable sources on the internet about local customs and expectations. For example, hiking in North America is an exercise in fresh air, tranquility, and solitude, whereas hiking across the Zanzibar archipelago a lesson in exotic getaways with a touch of history interwoven throughout.

Not understanding local cultures could also land you in trouble. For example, spitting is illegal in Singapore. You could find yourself in hot water with the locals and the police for doing something you thought to be innocent. The U.S. Department of State has great breakdowns of unexpected local laws and customs to keep you informed the next time you leave the country. Obey and respect these guidelines to have a trouble-free visit.