How to Choose the Perfect Suitcase for Your Next Vacation

Going on vacation is something to look forward to but packing for it isn’t.  The constant balance of what you need versus what you are allowed is something we all struggle with.  Key to this is having the right suitcase – but how do you choose from the many available to ensure you get the right ones?

Suitcase size

The biggest problem any traveler encounters is the size and weight of their suitcase.  Get it wrong and it can cost you quite a serious amount of money!  Your airline should provide clear information about how much luggage you can take and what the weight should be to avoid those extra charges.

Unfortunately, there are no standard measurements as to what counts as a medium or large suitcase.  Then carry-on luggage is a separate area, again with its own measurements from each airline.  Make sure you have all this information before you buy and choose from a website that provides plenty of information about the dimensions of the case.

Suitcase basics

If you visit a site such as Lyst, you can see a huge range of different styles of suitcase as well as hand luggage.  It is usually best to look at suitcases with wheels on for the bulk of your stuff and there are two options here – two wheels or four wheels.

Two-wheel cases are normally known as upright suitcases and have two larger wheels.  Four-wheel styles are often called spinners and use four smaller wheels.  Spinners are easier to maneuver around the airport on smooth floors while upright cases are tougher to handle that uneven ground and bouncing up and down the kerb.  So if you are planning on getting a taxi straight to the airport, a spinner will work well.  But if you are going on public transport, an upright case is tougher.

Hard or soft case?

The material of the case is another consideration and there are both hard and soft styles available.  Hard-sided luggage offers greater protection for items inside like your vaping kit and is often more water resistant.  They are heavier than soft-sided, although there are many lightweight options available.  The glossy finish can be prone to scratching and they don’t have an expandable facility.

Soft-sided luggage is more flexible and easy to store, often with expandable capacity.  They are lightweight and can be less expensive than hard sided styles.  They do offer less protection from items inside and the fabrics may not be water resistant.

Is a handle important?

Trolley handles can be either adjustable or a fixed height.  If you opt for one that is adjustable, then you can make sure that the handle is at the height that is most comfortable for you.  The only downside with adjustable handles is that they often take up room inside the case when they are folded down – so you need to consider what’s more important: the space or the convenience.

Most handles are made from plastic and some will be padded or have an ergonomic shape to them that makes them more comfortable to use.

The 5 Best Off Strip Restaurants in Las Vegas

Yearning to eat your way through Las Vegas but looking to avoid the hefty price tag that comes with a prime casino location?  The off-strip dining scene in Vegas is thriving!  These restaurants, favored by the locals who know fine food and wine, are among the best in the country.


If you are looking for a classic, old-school, Las Vegas dining experience, Piero’s is the place to go.  Located just a short trip away from the strip, this retro style Vegas mainstay is a favorite of celebrities, casino head honchos, and locals alike.  Scenes from the movie Casino were even filmed here.  The menu of traditional Italian favorites has stayed the same since the restaurant opened over 30 years ago, and the wine list is one of the best in Vegas.


Tucked away in a strip mall in Las Vegas’ Chinatown, Raku is a favorite of the city’s chefs.  The restaurant is small and the atmosphere is nothing special, but the food is the real star here.  Raku means enjoyment, and this restaurant’s goal is for you to enjoy their authentic Japanese food.   Try the homemade tofu, foie gras, or Kobe beef skewers.  After dinner stroll a few doors down to Raku’s sister restaurant, Sweet Raku, where you can sit at the dessert bar and watch the preparation of some delicious, creative concoctions.

Lotus of Siam

Once a hidden gem, Lotus of Siam is now known for serving the best Thai food in America.  The kitchen, headed by James Beard Foundation Award Winner Chef Saipin, serves up authentic Thai cuisine for both lunch and dinner.   Diners can order their dishes on a heat scale rated from 0 (mild) to 10 (Thai hot).  Reservations are strongly recommended, especially for dinner, or diners may choose to enjoy appetizers and cocktails at the bar.  A new location opening on Flamingo Road this November may make coveted dinner reservations easier to come by.

Other Mama

Though it is tucked away in a non-descript strip mall, Other Mama is the restaurant locals seek out when they are craving premium seafood.  Known for their oysters, sashimi, and ceviche, the raw bar is the centerpiece of the 45-seat restaurant.  In addition to the freshest seafood, visitors should try one of the many craft beers or cocktails prepared by the certified mixologists at the bar.

Andiron Steak and Sea

Called the best brunch in Vegas, Andiron Steak and Sea’s plentiful brunch menu features an extremely affordable menu of bottomless bubbles and a build-your-own Bloody Mary Bar.  If that doesn’t make your mouth water, than the plate of donuts served to start sure will.  The a la carte menu features unique dishes, many prepared in the restaurant’s wood burning grill.  The restaurant is also family friendly, with a complimentary all you can eat candy bar for children 10 and under.

So on your next trip to Vegas, eat like a local.  Take a cab away from the neon lights and try a one of the best spots off the strip.

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6 Great Options for a Group Trip

Going on a holiday as a group, either with family or friends, is sure to be a lot of fun. This is an excellent opportunity for bonding, to reminisce about the past, and to invest in new memories. If you have no idea where you should be heading, keep on reading and learn from our suggestions.

Rent a Family House in Italy

Whether someone from the family is celebrating a birthday or you just want to go on a vacation together, Italy is always a good idea. This is especially perfect if you love food and wine. Ditch the idea of staying in a hotel. Instead, rent a family house. This will provide you with privacy. They are often self-catering, which can also make it more practical in terms of finances. Time it properly with one of Italy’s many year-round events, like the San Marino MotoGP grand prix or any other.

Ski Chalet Holiday

For those who are looking for a more active holiday, skiing is a good idea. There are many destinations that can be considered, such as Niseko, Courchevel, and Whistler, among others. Both beginners and experienced skiers will surely have fun, especially when traveling as a group. Choose a place where you can enjoy a wide array of other fun activities, more than just skiing. Some are set in charming villages that are filled with unique shops and restaurants.

Stay in a Large Holiday Home in the UK

The UK is one of the destinations on the bucket list of most people. For families or groups of friends, it would be wise to stay in a holiday home that is self-catering. Some are equipped with their own swimming pool. Others have a large courtyard that can also serve as an excellent venue for intimate celebrations. The Cotswolds is known as one of the best places where you can find idyllic family homes that can offer a rustic accommodation. If you are looking for a seaside break then a visit to Devon for a stay in a beautiful family cottage will be just the trick!

Go Backpacking in Thailand

This is a good idea if you want to travel with your group of friends. Thailand is popular among backpackers because of the endless selection of cheap accommodations. The country’s capital, Bangkok, is where most start their holiday. This city is filled with contrast. There is vibrant nightlife, yet there are historic temples. There are traditional markets, yet there are grand malls. For those who prefer to be on the beach, on the other hand, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui are popular choices. If you want to experience hard-core partying, head to Koh Phangan, which is known for their iconic Full Moon parties.

Explore the Beauty of Sri Lanka

If you want to embark in a new experience and discover an exotic destination, gather the group and head to Sri Lanka. From historic tea plantations to wonderful beaches, you will never run out of attractions to explore. It is also historic. There are plenty of places that will allow you to have a glimpse at the rich past of the country. You will also have tons of beaches to visit, including those that are hidden from the massive crowd. Lastly, it is also popular because of its wildlife. Be sure to plan a safari adventure.

Trek Peru’s Inca Trail

A holiday to Peru is bound to be memorable and unique, with so many incredible things to do. Visiting Machu Picchu will make your holiday complete, and if you enjoy hiking, then you’ll definitely want to hike the Inca Trail. It is certainly the most iconic trek in Peru, and will be an amazing experience for you and your group. It involves a few days of intense trekking, but when you arrive at the Machu Picchu ruins it will all be worth it. Feeling intrigued? Check out the top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets here.