So, you just got married. It can be a joyous experience and indeed something to remember for your entire lifetime. But equally the honeymoon is just as joyous as the marriage ceremony, and if you are looking to have a honeymoon that will be sure to be memorable, then we have you covered.

In this article, we have compiled a list of several locations around the world which you can travel to via airplane with tickets for cheap flights, by boat or maybe simply drive there. Marriage is a wonderful ceremony, and your honeymoon is just the icing on the cake.

Here are some of the most romantic place to visit for your ceremony.

Perfect Place For Your Honeymoon

# 1 – France

Hitting off the list is perhaps one of the most obvious places to visit on this list. Paris, France has long been seen as the places were romance and love flourish. For those who want the perfect romantic honeymoon spot, this may very well be the place to visit.

# 2 – India

The Taj Mahal is universally known around the world to be one of the most romantic places to visit. India has a long history of romance and love. Not only that but India is one of the most visually pleasing places to visit in the world.

# 3 – Caribbeans

The Caribbeans Islands are just gorgeous and a great place to visit not only for a honeymoon but just to get away. But why this is a great destination is because of the scenery and the ability to have specific areas fo the island to yourself and to your lover.

Truly paradise on earth. Great atmosphere. Great climate. Beautiful sceneries. And an amazing culture. This may be the best place to have your honeymoon.

# 4 – Hawaii

Hawaii the islands of America. Hawaii offers, much like the Caribbean’s a fantastic scenery and atmosphere. With a fantastic climate, stunning sights, superb service and free health care – it really is no wonder as to why this state is so popular with many people, to visit.

Make Your Honeymoon An Experience To Remember Forever

Make your honeymoon night and week to remember for the rest of your life. These destinations will not only be the icing on the cake, but it will also be a garnet place to visit to respire the feelings all over again.

Best wishes to all the newlyweds out there and those who are getting married in the near future.

Most people give up and just opt for carpet with installation for every room in their house, except for the kitchen and bathroom of course. It doesn’t need to be this way. Instead, you can choose to have a different type of flooring installed in every room. You just need to know more about floors in general so that you can go into a home improvement store without feeling lost. Here’s a quick overview of the various rooms in a home and the best flooring for them.

Living and Family Rooms

Living and family rooms need to be inviting. They’re spaces where people tend to congregate, whether for formal reasons (living rooms) or informal ones (family rooms.) As a result, they need to feel warm and cozy. You can get away with having a wood floor in one of these rooms, as long as you strategically use rugs and other methods of making the space warmer. However, your best bet is paying for carpet with installation fees.


A kitchen receives plenty of foot traffic, so you need flooring that will be quite resilient. It’s also a floor that’s prone to spills and splashes from the cooking process. Many people choose to go with some sort of tile in their kitchens; vinyl, ceramic, and stone tile are all great options. However, another route to take is wood. Things like wood cork tiles will work well in a kitchen because it’s comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.


Another room that typically receives tile is the bathroom. Wood flooring won’t work in a bathroom, simply because of the extreme amounts of moisture that are bandied about. Even if all of the water manages to remain in the bathtub, sink, and shower stall, there’s still moisture to contend with. Because of this, the bathroom is a great place to install ceramic or stone tiles.


Bedrooms need to be just as cozy as the living and family rooms, if not more so because they are the main places where people sleep. A cold bedroom floor is just not an option. You can prevent this with some carpeting, or even an underfloor heating system if you decide to go with a wood floor and some rugs. However, wood cork tiles work well in here as well.

Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms

Like the kitchen, these two spaces receive some abuse. You don’t want to have carpeting installed in your mudroom and laundry room, simply because it will become too messy. Instead, you want floorings that’s resilient and easy to clean, such as ceramic tiles, linoleum, and even vinyl tiles. You don’t really have to worry about moisture here – just dirty shoes and potential spills.

The Foyer

Finally, there’s the foyer. You want to make an impression with yours, as it’s the first room that guests see. This is the space to install those marble or stone tiles. They’ll look great, remain impressive, and even hold up well over time.

Whether you are planning a romantic summer getaway with your partner or a fun-filled family vacation with your family or friends, choosing a destination to relax and take a break from your everyday life deems to be an important decision.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the slew of choices that you are presented with at times like this, as you obviously want to make the best possible decision that would not only allow your vacation to be a memorable affair but something that leaves you with experiences which you could not have obtained otherwise.

For the sake of making the decision-making process easier, we have narrowed it down to one location that has proven to be a different yet amazing vacation spot for many for the past few decades: the beautiful French port city of Marseille.

The picturesque city of Marseille is one of the most beautiful areas that Southern France, also known as Le Midi, has to offer to anyone who visits the region, whether they are tourists from within the country or from international waters.

Marseille, a tourist dream

Being France’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast, Marseille acts as a tourist hub for the larger region of Southern France.  Thus, it holds several attractions within itself, which make it a top contender between summer vacation spots that could serve as the perfect setting for romantic couples to create cherished memories, while also being an ideal location for families to gather experiences that could hardly be obtained from anywhere else.

The capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region of France, Marseille has historic as well as cultural value; it has served as a historical port ever since its origin and continues to be the largest port of France; and it also holds various museums, parks, and historical sites within itself that is bound to please anyone with an eye for art, beauty, and life.

Due to its history of facilitating tourists, Marseille is very easy to navigate for everyone, even those who have never visited the city.

Apart from confirming accommodations, the only thing you need to make sure of is that you have a proper airport transfer arrangement done beforehand so that once you land in Marseille, you do not find yourself being lost in a foreign location and know exactly where your ride would be waiting for you.

The Attractions

From that point onward, it is easy to plan your day to day activities to visit various attractions in the city, including the magnificently built Notre-Dame de la Garde, a Catholic basilica that is considered a must visit for every tourist; the Calanques National park which edges over to the commune of Cassis and remains one of the most beautiful sites adjacent to Marseille; and the Vallon des Auffes, a fishing space that provides a one of a kind experience to those who indulge in the activity.

Apart from these locations, Marseille is also home to several museums including the Musee d’Histoire de Marseille, as well as several other historical sites such as the Cathedrale de la Major.

While exploring these sights on your own is very much possible, another option is to experience Marseille from the locals’ perspective and ensuring that you get to see even the most underrated of attractions. You can connect with excursion-loving locals at Couchsurfing, who might not only provide you with accommodations but would also give you tips on which sights to see in the best possible manner in order to get the most out of your trip.

Therefore, if you have the budget to spend and some time to spare, give Marseille a chance, and you may end up having one of the best travel experiences of your life.