Best Cars for Long-Distance Adventures

Top 5 Cars That’ll Last Long-Distance

For long adventures, having a car that is comfortable and cost effective can make or break the experience. Here are the top 5 that’ll stand the test.


Life is an adventure; and the best part about every voyage is the journey from one place to the next. Making certain that you start out right is paramount; as nobody wants to have their dream trip spoiled by travelling in a cramped and uncomfortable vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of the best cars for long-distant adventures in hopes of making your entire experience the very best it can be.

  1.     Land Rover Discovery Sport

This outstanding luxury compact SUV is a fabulous ride for long trips or for day-to-day errands. Its roomy interior makes it comfortable for an all-day or several days’ ride. Its ability to take whatever road conditions may be ahead will be a great comfort on your trip. The added bonus of great gas mileage makes this a winning combination. Harrowing driving conditions are no match for the Discovery Sport’s off-road capabilities.

  1.     Lincoln MKC AWD

The Lincoln MKC AWD’s comfortable cabin and trendy electronic controls make for a comfortable ride. In addition, its touchscreen navigation and heated leather seats add a touch of luxury as it easily handles any road conditions. The impressive 7.9 inches of ground clearance will put your mind as ease no matter what the road ahead throws at you. Its powerful engine handles any steep mountain pass with ease and its traction control helps to assure against rollover risks.

  1.     Subaru Forester

This impressive vehicle offers competitive features, comfort, and excellent gas mileage. With large roomy back seats and plenty of cargo space, the Forester’s all-wheel drive will keep you going forward on your journey with comfort, economy, and style.

  1.     Ford Transit Connect LWB

This vehicle’s three row seating will haul as much as 104 cubic feet of gear; enough room for the entire family and all their needs. Its off-road abilities will ensure that you can maneuver around whatever hazards your journey encounters. Its powerful engine and front-wheel-drive will move you through sand or snow with barely a hiccup.  

  1.     Subaru Outback

Once again, the Outback lives up to its iconic name. This vehicle is practically synonymous with the term adventurer. Comfortable and offering ample cargo space for all your needs, it nearly does the driving for you while it watches out with rear reversing cameras and a number pad key lock. This is the decisive adventure vehicle for the entire family, and its ability to easily maneuvering through deep snow or beach sand makes this car the perfect all-around long-distance vehicle. Its impressive mileage at 25 miles per gallon in the city and 33 miles per gallon on the highway ensures that your journey will be all about seeing the sights instead of hunting for the next fuel depot.

When it comes to making life’s adventures more comfortable – and gas-mileage affordable – these cars stand out as the workhorses for the job. They’re designed to be durable against the elements by also offering plenty of room for that emergency over-night camp, while still remaining within your budget.

How to Experience Melbourne Like a Local

Whether you’re coming to explore Australia’s culture capital for its delicious coffee, its wide selection of restaurants, or to soak up the vibrant nightlife, Melbourne will surely become one of your favourite cities in the world!  While you should still do all the typical touristy things around the city like museums and walking tours, here’s a little information how you can experience the Melbourne like a local.

Getting Around

Explore Melbourne’s dynamic suburbs by bike. Trails exist all over the city including the Capital City Trail- which you find all of them at  Cheap bike rentals are available all over the city, and it’s one of the more popular ways for transport around the city.

Otherwise, a MYKI card will get you onto one of the largest public transportation networks in the world.  All you have to do is pick-up one at a local 7-11 or newsagent, and top-it up with some credit.  Just make sure you remember to “tap-on” and “tap-off” at the beginning and end of every journey on public transportation.  If you feel like being a bit touristy though, you could always explore the city by a horse and carriage around the CBD!


Feast on dumplings at Shanghai Village in Chinatown for under $5 where BYO alcohol seals the deal. Browse the Queen Victoria or South Melbourne Market for local produce, meat, and artisan goods. Don Don’s close to Melbourne Central does Japanese fare deliciously and very cheap. Volunteer for a meal Lentil as Anything or pay as you wish! The best one is at Abbotsford Convent, a culture and arts hub. Enjoy the Australian Parma at Mrs. Parmas. Most pubs around the suburbs will have a cheap Parma or steak night as well! The best dessert can be found at Gelato Messina, with special flavours rotating weekly. Round up some new friends and barbecue in one of Melbourne’s many parks or on St. Kilda Beach. Find all the public BBQ’s at


Melbourne is famous for its rooftop and laneway bars, and there are venues to suit any taste. Section 8 and Rooftop Bar are favourites among locals and backpackers. The Black Pearl in Fitzroy is well-known for its cocktails. Everyone in Melbourne knows somebody who has had a Thursday-Sunday bender at “Revs”- Revolver Upstairs in Prahran. Make your own craft brewery tour- Mountain Goat, Two Birds, Temple Brewing, Moon Dog are good ones to start with. Many breweries will host tastings of one offs at Forrester’s Pub and Dining in Fitzroy. Catfish, also in the same suburb, has a unique tap list and knowledgeable staff.

Things to Do in Melbourne

Hit up and check out your interests – you may just end up at a salsa lesson or learning a new language! Watch a cricket game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Hang out in Federation Square where there’s always street entertainment or festival going on. Catch a live show at Northcote Social Club, The Corner Hotel, Yah Yah’s, or Howler. Get caffeinated in one of Melbourne’s many laneway cafes in the CBD or in every suburb! Melbourne is famous and unique for its street art scene and laneways- this is not to be missed! Take a walk through the historic State Library of Victoria and its 7 unique reading rooms. Grab some nibbles and get your shopping on at the Victorian heritage listed Royal Arcade. Meander through the Royal Botanic Gardens and Carlton gardens. Go to Fitzroy for its bohemian feel with funky shops and vibrant nightlife. Check ‘What’s On’ and the ‘Urban List’. The best way to live like a local in Melbourne is to keep up with the festivals and cultural events going on around the city. Finding a place to stay within Melbourne CBD will put you right in the centre of the action.

Top Tips: How to Stay in Touch with Family When Travelling for Business

Embarking upon a business trip can provide an opportunity to make fantastic contacts or expanding your knowledge, but they also come with their own challenges. If you’ve travelled on a long-haul flight for business purposes, you’ll know only too well how hard it can be to impress in a meeting while you’re trying to beat jet lag.

If you successfully overcome jet leg, you may still face on common travelling problem: missing family. To help, here are some ways to help you stay in touch with your loved ones, whether you’re away on business for a few days or a few months.

Make a Call

One of the easiest – and most obvious – ways to keep in touch is by calling. Whether you call  on your phone, or video chat on your laptop, talking and hearing the voices of people back home is one of the fastest and best ways to reduce the distance and time zones between you and your family.

Take a Memento

Although video chats and calls are great when you’re missing people back home, the lack one important thing: physical contact. At home, you’re used to hugging your partner, kids and pets, familiar smells, and the comfort of your own bed. When you travel for business, pack something that reminds you of home. This could be your morning coffee mug, your partner’s fragrance, or your pillow, to make you feel more relaxed.

Send Lots of Photos

When you’re away on business, one of the things you might miss the most is your daily routine. Similarly, although you can talk on the phone, your family can’t see what you’re doing. Before you travel, agree that you and your loved ones will take regular photos. This way, you can share meal times with a quick email, or say goodnight with a Snapchat selfie, helping to keep you in the loop and make you feel connected.

Send Care Packages

If you’re going to be away for a longer period of time, then you could also consider sending parcels. Buy gifts for your family and send them home with Parcel2Go, to show that you’re thinking about them. Or ask your loved ones to post out a care package, with drawings, letters and things that remind you of home.

Whether you’re a new graduate who has had to move back home, have little kids or a family at home, being away from your nearest and dearest can be tough. Try these tips and see if they can help you on your next business trip.