How to travel the world on a motorcycle

Do you dream of taking off on a motorcycle and heading off on a round-the-world trip? The wind in your hair, new sights on the horizon and the freedom to go and do just as you please?! Well, we can help you make your dream a reality with our guide on how to travel the world on a motorcycle and avoid common pitfalls or stressful situations.

Rethink your packing!

Do you think you’ve packed light? Think again! Have a look at your packing, and get rid of at least half of what you’ve planned to take. The key is to adopt a minimal lifestyle and reduce bulk which will be a hindrance while travelling on a motorcycle. Outfits that you can mix and match and layer over each other for cooler weather are a great choice. But most importantly – will you take Marmite with you? Here’s our article on Brits’ most important packing choices!

Carry only rare spare parts with you

Do a bit of research to discover which spare parts are easily found in the areas you’ll be travelling in. Only take with you the rarer spare parts that are likely to need replacing, to save you the hassle and extra time in locating rare parts in far-flung locations. There’s a lot more detail on what to take from tools to tyres and quick fix-it solutions here.

Plan to ride only during daylight

Travel safely by sticking to this vital rule – only ride during daylight. Nighttime riding accounts for 27% of motorcycle fatalities, due to reduced visibility and other factors such as hidden obstacles in the road or drunk drivers. Stay safe and reduce the risk of an accident by planning ahead and travelling whilst it’s still light out. Make sure that you’re covered by motor trade insurance such as One Sure offers, for your protection and peace of mind.

Plan to stop

Motorcycle riding is exciting, but it can also take its toll on you if you don’t plan in adequate rest times. You don’t want to rush by all the amazing sights anyway, so make sure that you have worked out when and where you will rest. Take frequent breaks on long travel days, and have a full rest day every few days to recharge your batteries and refresh yourself.

Carry the right currency for the countries you’ll be travelling in

You’ll want to have the right currency for each country you travel in. Be warned: Don’t change your money at airport currency exchanges as they tend to have the worst rates and will stick a big fee on top too. If you’re withdrawing money from an ATM, take out the sum that you will need in one transaction if possible to save on multiple withdrawal fees. Click here to get more info on exchanging currency abroad.

So there you have it, some easy and useful tips to kick-start your motorcycle trip around the world! If you follow this advice you’ll be well on your way to making unforgettable memories and avoiding stress on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.


5 Advantages To Road Tripping in a Motorhome

Going on a road trip is a fun adventure, but it’s even more enjoyable with a motor home. Whether you rent one or have your own, there’s space to spread out and room to cook and sleep so you won’t have to stop for food or a hotel quite as often.

Sleeping in Your Own Bed

Even if you rent the motorhome, it’s nice to have a consistent place to lay your head at the end of the day. You can use your own sheets and pillows and create a relaxing space for yourself and your family. It’s nice to be able to surround yourself with your own things, especially when you’re away from home and having a motorhome provides this opportunity. You also don’t have to worry about finding the right suitcase to fit everything you want to take.

A Fridge That’s Right There

Sometimes on a road trip there are many miles between the places you can stop for food. Your motorhome will have a fridge right there so you can keep snacks or the ingredients for a meal right with you. Even if you have to pull over to cook, it’s nice to know that you won’t have to go miles and miles without something to eat. This is especially valuable if you are traveling with children who don’t always have the patience to get to the next stop or town.


Road tripping can be quite tiring, but having a motorhome means you can take turns to have a nap along the way. This keeps everyone well rested and in good spirits so that you can stick to your timeline and make sure that you see everything you plan to see along the way. Plus, being on holiday means getting extra rest so you’ll want to be able to fit in naps as often as possible. If you’re all relaxed and happy and have nothing to worry about because you have motorhome insurance, napping will keep you refreshed and ready to enjoy yourself every mile you drive and every place you stop.



The average motorhome will have a table where you can play games, read books or do art projects while you’re traveling. Some may even have a television or video game console so that you can watch movies or sitcoms or even play your favorite games as you drive from place to place. It’s certainly nice to know you won’t get bored out on the open road and that’s always a plus when you have kids along for the ride.


Many people don’t want to leave their pet behind when they travel and taking a motorhome is the perfect solution. You can transport your dog or cat, as well as all of his or her food, bedding, toys and other needs. It’s fun to go hiking and sightseeing with your furry friend and in a motorhome there’s plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable and enjoy one another’s company, four legged or not.

Road tripping with a motorhome is convenient, but it’s also a wonderful way to make some memories and enjoy a vacation.

Perfect Place For Your Honeymoon

So, you just got married. It can be a joyous experience and indeed something to remember for your entire lifetime. But equally the honeymoon is just as joyous as the marriage ceremony, and if you are looking to have a honeymoon that will be sure to be memorable, then we have you covered.

In this article, we have compiled a list of several locations around the world which you can travel to via airplane with tickets for cheap flights, by boat or maybe simply drive there. Marriage is a wonderful ceremony, and your honeymoon is just the icing on the cake.

Here are some of the most romantic place to visit for your ceremony.

Perfect Place For Your Honeymoon

# 1 – France

Hitting off the list is perhaps one of the most obvious places to visit on this list. Paris, France has long been seen as the places were romance and love flourish. For those who want the perfect romantic honeymoon spot, this may very well be the place to visit.

# 2 – India

The Taj Mahal is universally known around the world to be one of the most romantic places to visit. India has a long history of romance and love. Not only that but India is one of the most visually pleasing places to visit in the world.

# 3 – Caribbeans

The Caribbeans Islands are just gorgeous and a great place to visit not only for a honeymoon but just to get away. But why this is a great destination is because of the scenery and the ability to have specific areas fo the island to yourself and to your lover.

Truly paradise on earth. Great atmosphere. Great climate. Beautiful sceneries. And an amazing culture. This may be the best place to have your honeymoon.

# 4 – Hawaii

Hawaii the islands of America. Hawaii offers, much like the Caribbean’s a fantastic scenery and atmosphere. With a fantastic climate, stunning sights, superb service and free health care – it really is no wonder as to why this state is so popular with many people, to visit.

Make Your Honeymoon An Experience To Remember Forever

Make your honeymoon night and week to remember for the rest of your life. These destinations will not only be the icing on the cake, but it will also be a garnet place to visit to respire the feelings all over again.

Best wishes to all the newlyweds out there and those who are getting married in the near future.