Turning a Spare Room into a Gym

Just imagine that the New Year has come around again, and you’ve started making the resolutions that will help you throw off the excesses of Christmas. You get a gym membership, and then, like many others, you go once and never again. You’re paying for something that you don’t use, and if that’s not a waste of your money, then what is?

Why not set up your own home gym in a spare room? It can be as cheap or expensive as you like, depending on the equipment that you want, and it’s available at any time without you having to step out of your home. What’s not to like?

Sorting out the basics

First, you need to look at your room space and determine what equipment will easily fit inside. Then, you need to think about what your fitness goals are.

If you’re looking to build up your strength, which can help you with weight loss through burning fat, developing muscle and becoming a stronger runner, then a spare room gym could be for you. It doesn’t require a whole lot of room because you’ll be using equipment such as dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Doing strength training can improve your joint strength and increase your muscle mass and should be a priority for your home gym experience.

For aerobic goals that include running and cycling, you may be able to get out of the house and run or bike outdoors. However, this is not always possible or desirable in extreme weather, so consider installing an exercise bike, a rowing machine and a treadmill in your home. Check that you have the space and remember that you don’t have to buy them all, as they can be expensive. You will, however, get superb use out of these machines and build up your stamina, improve your endurance and increase your cardio function.

Mix and match your training with some strength and aerobic exercises to develop your fitness over several months.

Preparing your space

Make the best of what you’ve got, but ensure that your home gym space feels light and airy to encourage a sense of the outdoors. A dark, stuffy room is unlikely to encourage you to train hard. Everything doesn’t have to be painted magnolia – use colors that stimulate you, and to help with the light, install DIY shutters. These are simple to install and allow you to control how much light comes into your gym. They’re also easy to clean and give a sleek, efficient feel to your workout room.

New horizons

Getting fit is never effortless, and you may know people who have tried but given up after a short while. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience, which is why a home gym is such a good solution.

You can choose your own decor, decide on the equipment that will be most effective for what you want to achieve and even install a sound system of TV screen to help you along the way. Plan what you want, set yourself a budget and convert your spare room into a gym that will give you health benefits over and over again.

6 Great Options for a Group Trip

Going on a holiday as a group, either with family or friends, is sure to be a lot of fun. This is an excellent opportunity for bonding, to reminisce about the past, and to invest in new memories. If you have no idea where you should be heading, keep on reading and learn from our suggestions.

Rent a Family House in Italy

Whether someone from the family is celebrating a birthday or you just want to go on a vacation together, Italy is always a good idea. This is especially perfect if you love food and wine. Ditch the idea of staying in a hotel. Instead, rent a family house. This will provide you with privacy. They are often self-catering, which can also make it more practical in terms of finances. Time it properly with one of Italy’s many year-round events, like the San Marino MotoGP grand prix or any other.

Ski Chalet Holiday

For those who are looking for a more active holiday, skiing is a good idea. There are many destinations that can be considered, such as Niseko, Courchevel, and Whistler, among others. Both beginners and experienced skiers will surely have fun, especially when traveling as a group. Choose a place where you can enjoy a wide array of other fun activities, more than just skiing. Some are set in charming villages that are filled with unique shops and restaurants.

Stay in a Large Holiday Home in the UK

The UK is one of the destinations on the bucket list of most people. For families or groups of friends, it would be wise to stay in a holiday home that is self-catering. Some are equipped with their own swimming pool. Others have a large courtyard that can also serve as an excellent venue for intimate celebrations. The Cotswolds is known as one of the best places where you can find idyllic family homes that can offer a rustic accommodation. If you are looking for a seaside break then a visit to Devon for a stay in a beautiful family cottage will be just the trick!

Go Backpacking in Thailand

This is a good idea if you want to travel with your group of friends. Thailand is popular among backpackers because of the endless selection of cheap accommodations. The country’s capital, Bangkok, is where most start their holiday. This city is filled with contrast. There is vibrant nightlife, yet there are historic temples. There are traditional markets, yet there are grand malls. For those who prefer to be on the beach, on the other hand, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui are popular choices. If you want to experience hard-core partying, head to Koh Phangan, which is known for their iconic Full Moon parties.

Explore the Beauty of Sri Lanka

If you want to embark in a new experience and discover an exotic destination, gather the group and head to Sri Lanka. From historic tea plantations to wonderful beaches, you will never run out of attractions to explore. It is also historic. There are plenty of places that will allow you to have a glimpse at the rich past of the country. You will also have tons of beaches to visit, including those that are hidden from the massive crowd. Lastly, it is also popular because of its wildlife. Be sure to plan a safari adventure.

Trek Peru’s Inca Trail

A holiday to Peru is bound to be memorable and unique, with so many incredible things to do. Visiting Machu Picchu will make your holiday complete, and if you enjoy hiking, then you’ll definitely want to hike the Inca Trail. It is certainly the most iconic trek in Peru, and will be an amazing experience for you and your group. It involves a few days of intense trekking, but when you arrive at the Machu Picchu ruins it will all be worth it. Feeling intrigued? Check out the top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets here.

7 Ways to Make Money from Home

Considering the current economic situation around the world, it is essential to note that you cannot predict the right business that will effectively thrive in any market. If you search “make money from home”, you will find thousands of sites proclaiming that you can make hundreds of thousands from the comfort of your bedroom. However, these sites require you to first subscribe, buy a book, watch a video, or pay some fee to learn how. The fact that there is a lot of such rubbish out there, it might frustrate you when looking for legitimate ways to make money from home. Here are 7 legitimate ways to make money from home.

  1. Trading stock, forex and options

If you are afraid of losing money at all, then you should avoid trading stocks, forex and options. However, if you want to make passive income like professional traders, you can start by investing small amount of money to gain experience. Forex trading with CMC Markets provides a great opportunity for traders to trade 24 hours a day five days a week. So, if you are interested in trading in this niche, you must learn how to trade, using the trading guides.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the popular ways to make money from home. You can put up a blog to promote some products or ideas with an aim to bring traffic to your blog. You don’t need to be an established writer to write blogs, but you need the knowledge of the topic and a bit of creative thinking to come up with an outstanding blog post.

  1. Creating niche websites

If you have enough time and an expertise on specific topics, consider creating a niche website. Niche website owners make money from home by selling adverts, products and posting affiliate links. Your niche website can focus on anything provided it features contents that your readers are looking for. These websites can earn you a lot of income for a long period of time, providing you regularly update the content related to the site topic.

  1. Virtual office

Obviously, traditional brick and mortar jobs are an excellent way to boost your income, but they come with restrictions: the job versus your physical location; the hours needed versus the hours needed. However, there lots of opportunities for making money from home, providing you have a computer and a high speed internet connection. You can create a virtual office to perform various administrative duties, accounting work, customer service and many more.

  1. Surveys

Business of any type and size rely on surveying customers to determine whether their products or services are meeting the preferences and needs of the people they target. You will get full-time income by completing such surveys online from home. There are hundreds of sites online that pay you to fill out surveys to help them obtain their targeted data; just make sure the site is free. If you work with various survey companies, you could make a passive income. You can do this piece of work from home or anywhere else you have an internet connection.

  1. Become a freelancer

If you have a talent for writing or an expert in a given profession, there are numerous opportunities available online that you can join to make money from home. Don’t let your talent go to waste; you will definitely find people who want to pay you for your skills. Visit freelance sites and post your skills to let them find you or look through jobs that are already posted to see if you can do them. Most of these freelance sites will let you set your project rate or hourly rate before you start applying. The pay may vary from a few pounds to several hundreds of pounds, depending on the project you work on.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Another way to make money from home is via affiliate marketing. Here, you make money selling the products and services of other people. You don’t have to hire any employee, store any product, handle the payment process or deal with customer service. Simply, create a website, start advertising and you will earn commission on every product sold. Affiliate marketing has very low overhead cost and you won’t have the tress to selling your own products or services.