Situated in the middle of the Bay of Riga, Latvian capital attracts millions of tourists each year. The city that can be described as an 800-year-old museum with a turbulent past that is painted in vivid modern colors. Residents of Riga defiantly describe their city as the birthplace of the Baltic party scene.

It’s no wonder why so many people lose their breath while observing the world’s largest collection of Art Nouveau edifices – it is just gorgeous to behold such architecture! How it came to be that city with such harsh history earned the title as the “Paris of the North” is nothing short of a miracle. In this article, we will try to give you an example of what it means to touch the Baltic crown jewel in order to understand what the commotion is all about…

Cheaper than West, more fun than East

Judging from afar, Riga must be one of Europe’s hottest stag do weekend destination. Tourists from all around the world leave this city speechless and positively surprised. When taking into account the money they spent on all the amenities, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to go back.

With a mixture of Western sensibilities touched with Eastern-like prices, Riga is becoming number one stag do destination in Baltic Europe. It offers neverending options for discovering the nation’s cultural heritage while also preparing you for craziest nights under the northern sky. With a large variety of activities to choose from both during the day and night, Riga took the lead as the Baltic party capital.

Popular activities include the famously guided pub crawls, adventurous military simulators, adrenaline-fuelled paintball matches, beer bike urban experiences, exotic dinner shows, and much more.

Stunning Architecture and History

Every empire that conquered Latvia left a permanent mark. From German knights to Soviet commissars, everyone who laid bricks in this city gave it a layer of character. Residents of Latvia will tell you with a heavy soul that it’s nothing short of a miracle that everything is kept in such pristine condition. No city in Europe can proudly state that nearly half of it is under UNESCO protection as a World Heritage Site. Start your exploring from the middle of the city where you will find Riga central market, an extraordinary example of traditional Latvian soul.

Not far from it you will find famous St. Peter’s Church as well as Riga Cathedral. For a fairly small city, there is so much to be seen and recorded. And how about those colorful wooden households that gave Latvian postcards international fame. Not to mention that this city is a proud owner of the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the World! Everywhere you look you will remain speechless, so remember to take your time exploring Riga’s body and soul.

And how about all those gorgeous Latvian women?

Latvia went through some hard times in the last couple of decades. The fall of Communism and mass migrations left an unerasable mark on its people. Riga today is a city that has a peculiar disproportion in its demographics. Too many women compared to too few men is something you will encounter during your visit.

How can we forget the fact that Riga has more female models per capita than any other city in the world! Well, maybe not all of them are models yet stories of their Latvian beauty reach far and wide. And for a good reason! These women will be more than happy to light the fire at your bachelor party that you will most likely never forget.

In conclusion

If you plan to organize an unforgettable bachelor party weekend for the groom-to-be with less spending and a lot more fun, then Riga comes as a perfect option. The unique mixture of Western-like architecture and generous Eastern-like hospitality is least you can hope for.

With hundreds of reasons to party and explore, you will find yourself begging your stag do entourage to stay just a bit longer before “The Big Day”. And for all that was worth, you will surely return to Latvia’s capital long after shouting those fateful words: “I do!”

What’s the one thing that you hate the most on a vacation?

Bad food, sweltering hot weather, and last minute itinerary changes sure make the list of my answers.

But nothing really beats those monstrosities like being stuck inside of a hotel room for no reason.

Even after all the planning that you put into your vacation and all the money you paid to see the sights, being stuck inside the four walls of your hotel room is the last thing that you’d want on your vacation.

And if you’re upset just thinking about it, just imagine how it’d be if the situation ever becomes a reality (it won’t be fun, I can tell you that much).

Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips that could turn that time of forced immobility to a period of relaxation for you. By following these suggestions, you could make sure that your stay in the hotel will be as enjoyable as possible.

It is better to make sure to plan for the worst and know how to deal with it than hitting an unfortunate scenario and sulking right?

Dabble into Virtual Casino Visits

Who said that staying within your room means you can’t have fun? Sure, you may not be able to visit the sights you wanted due to any unforeseen event, but that’s not stopping you from virtually exploring the world around you, is it?

If you have a computer or even your cellphone with you, then you can wave the boredom away by playing immersive and reality based games such as those available at a live casino online. These sites usually give you the feeling of being in an actual casino without even having to change out of your pajamas.

By delving into these options, you could have a surefire way to feel that you are already out and about, which is exactly how you’d want to feel during this time.

Enjoy Dark Humor? Find Some on Netflix

As long as you are not visiting a potential desert during your vacation, chances are that wherever you might be, you’d have entertainment options such as Netflix at your disposal.

Since you’d already be feeling down and out, watching a drama movie or an intense episode of House of Cards may not be a good idea. My suggestion? Find something with a dark and twisted sense of humor that’d make you laugh at your own situation. If you have an appreciation for the humorous mentions of macabre and want to make Edgar Allen Poe proud, then give shows like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a try (here’s why the Satanic Temple is suing the show). Otherwise, for silly fun, watch something like Big Mouth.

You might be in a forced curfew but who says that you have to be miserable while you are in it? Enjoy the moment.

If You Have it Within the Budget, Order Some Room Service

Provided that you are not going to starve yourself after spending luxuriously on a single meal, and that your hotel does not serve things like these delicacies at the Disgusting Food Museum, you could order room service to enjoy a buffet right within your den of solitude.

This would be particularly enjoyable if you enjoy the cuisine of the place you are visiting, or if you just happen to be a foodie to whom gastronomical offerings bring great joy.

Make sure to order things that have a “feel good” or “treat yourself” vibe to them according to your food preferences. You want to make sure that you are altering mood your mood for the better, keep your mood elevated and everything will be that much better.

If You Can’t Control the Situation, There’s No Good Fretting About It

Things go wrong life. Deal with it. It is part of the adulting phase of our lives. Stuck in a hotel room because of the bad weather, roadblocks or other unforeseen event? It happens. With tips such as the ones provided above, you just might be able to make the most of a negative experience and turn into a positive one.

Try to live in the moment and make the most out of it, as you may just be laughing on your return when remembering your vacation downtime and all of the activities you did to overcome this time of excruciation.